‘Daniel Andrews Cannot Win’

Ken Phillips is the founder and executive director of Self Employed Australia. He joined Discernable to lay out the long history of governments and powerful interests attacking the right of Australians to remain self-employed.

Ken dived deep into the basis of commercial contracts upon which self-employed Australians rely versus the encroachment of employment contracts that everyone is being pushed into.

We discussed:

The Albanese government forcing gig contractors and self-employed to be classified as ’employees’ and imposing all of the associated compliance measures

The difference between earning your money through commercial contracts vs employment contracts

The historical balance between self-employed and institution-employed

Predictions of future power struggles for employment

The corruption in Australian states, judiciaries and police forces

Obvious momentums in Victoria against Daniel Andrews

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  1. I think inflations is causing the current situation we already have now,the prices increases is due to the higher demand of paying out to the employees.The authorities in this country always treat us like children who cannot figure anything out for ourselves.right now venturing into multiple income streams is the best way to survive the current hardship and recession.

  2. There was The Hunchback of Notre Dame….
    The Bells…. The Bells…
    And now There is ……
    The Hunchback of Flinders Lane….
    Wandering The Cobblestoned Alley muttering
    Endlessly…….The Jab…..The Jab….
    After The Uprising… the story goes that the search for the Hunchback of Flinders Lane body
    In Port Phillip Bay was called off after a week as the People didnt really give a Toss and what the heck…. The Footy season was starting in a week and no bleeding Commie Narcissist was going to deny the people the enjoyment of watching Their Game….. especially The season of 2022, when The Demons would be Unfurling Their 2021 Season Grand Final Winners Flag at The Mighty MCG.
    Brett Sutton was seen wandering along the shore at the Portsea Back Beach , carrying a pair of black rim spectacles and a Gladstone Bag, waving a red commie flag and a model of a set of stairs…..
    Later reports were confirmed that Sutton was resting peacefully at Larundal under heavy sedation.

  3. I see it going much the same way as the federal election.
    A large number of people will move away from the major parties, however the larger numbers for left wing votes who never think about the numbers they put down will just push it all the wrong way.

  4. Any sane person would agree with you Ken, however Victoria is a very strange place and I dont have faith that the Victorian public have woken up to whats happening here or they just dont want to see or care.

  5. Of course he will win. There is no choice. Guy is a totally loser. I’m not going to vote. Just can’t bring myself to vote for either of them. Maybe the Lib Dems.

  6. Ive said this many times, unfortunately the majority of Victorian voters are either sucking at the teat of the public purse, Unionists or greens voters and we have those who are silly enough to believe he saved their lives from the modern plague. His army of bureaucrats have the job of convincing those on the fence just how wonderful our Fuhrer is. Victoria is finished, as Ken said the USA is starting to look really good about now……..

  7. He'll win. I've been protesting against him for 6 years, and let me tell you, he will win.

    No offence, but a lot of people here are just late to the party. In fact, a lot of you supported him, or at least marginally/nominally supported him last election. It was said back then, "this man is so corrupt, he surely can't win".

    You people have just finally woken up, and it took an event as big as 2 years of emergency powers to wake you up. There's still a heap of melbourne lefties that love him.
    SOmething a lot of the "freedom" supporters don't get, is that the freedom side often loses. We almost always lose. You have to understand the money and power behind what we stand against. You have people who are very well educated, on high salaries, strategizing for these people.

    If you look at the dutch farmer protest, currently there are negotiations going on. Firstly, the negotiations mean no major protesting is going on, so already a lose.
    Secondly, if the government does concede anything, it will be laws whch they already "priced in". That is, those laws they conceded will be cherries on top. Bonus if they can get away with them, but they are more than willing to forego them to get the real stuff they wanted through.

    It's the tale of the robes and king solomon. Two men come to solomon both claiming some robes which they found on the street at the same time. One man claims the entirety of the robes, and the other "fairly" claims only half the robes. Solomon finds the 3/4 length of the robe, and cuts it there. he gives 3/4 to the man claiming the whole piece, and 1.4 to the main claiming half. You see, only the 1/2 was in dispute. SO he split that 1/2 evenly.

    Freedom protestors lose because no offence, they arent that intelligent. Theyre in plato's cave, and they only just realise the shadows aren't real. They're still stuck in the cave, only now they're freaking out. ABove them, you have people who know it's all fake, but get paid to project the fake images.

    if you want "freedom" it honestly takes 20 years of fighting. ANd it also takes losing all the ego attached. The problem, and its engineered by our society to further keep us down, everyone wants to be the hero. That manifests in idiots leading the protests making it more about themselves.

    Andrews will likely win. It will be by a fairly slim margin. But at this point he will likely be premier next year.

  8. Who else is there to take his place. Matthew Guy isn't any better, if not worse when it comes to making decisions. (And I don't mean dictating like Dan)

  9. Just about Ken Phillips podcast, great info, just about the phaikseen stance, very typical of boomers. What I have realized is that most of us carry our childhood programming for life. They were shown the images as a child and told about this new technology etc etc. Most blindly follow this due to an almost unbreakable trust due to childhood development. Most of the issues caused however were defeated by sanitation and the banning of chemicals once they realized they were the issue. It's a real shame that we are now majority led by this generation and how we end up with this huge force manifesting and disbelief in us for not wanting it. I am 100% with you on the tribal community stance. I am in that gig economy and people in groups on Facebook starting to go towards the union mindset and wanting conditions. Very scary. I currently earn around 1k from 20 hours. Unfortunately this industry is full of morons who would easily be led down the garden path to "minimum wage"

  10. Well he can win and he probably will, I mean the majority of Victorians voted for Labour and Greens at the last election so 🤷‍♂️ Doesn't do much for comradery or patriotism

  11. Psycho Dan is being quiet before the Election.He has told his attack dogs,(cops)to tone it down,and has not locked down or masked up.If he gets back in,him and his greenie mates will start tactics to put performance and classic Cars and Bikes off the road.( Climate change).Just like SA with the limited use rego.Thats the real reason for club rego.

  12. I don’t know what this man is on about because he doesn’t seem to know that the Victorian liberals are weak & pathetic, and are so stupid that they want to have a higher emissions target than federal Labor. Matthew Guy has learned nothing from the federal election, people don’t want Labor light! The Liberals will remain in opposition and Dan will continue to rule over Victoria. The better parties to vote for would be the Liberal Democrats and the new Victoria Party.

  13. Victorians under Andrews are living through the cover ups being worse than the crimes. Andrews shows all the features of a sociopath and physical features of inbreeding

  14. If he gets back in, Victorians have no one to blame but themselves.

    Piss weak, latte sipping, man babies.

    The ones that still have some spine should leave. Victoria will be a failed state in 5 years.

  15. With the greatest respect Im not sure laughing in response to a politician being a pedophile is the right response. Please think of the children he abused. This is a much bigger problem within politics and the police than people realise.

  16. Andrews is keeping very quiet and that's why he'll resign before the election. Labor can't keep him in because he'll then have to pay back debt.

    The same will happen with Matthew Guy, he'll resign too.

  17. Daniel Andrews shouldn't win, however, what we are again seeing is the Liberals under Matthew Guy attacking Labor from the left and therefore alienating their base. Also, with Guy's former chief of staff trying to do a dodgy deal to get extra pay from donators it has given the Andrews government the opportunity to paint the Libs as equally corrupt. Whilst apparently nothing came of this dodgy deal, if you have a low information voter that was considering a change of heart, they will now look and say they're all as bad as each other and a pox on both their houses. This means they'll either stick with the devil they know, or alternately vote for third parties like the Teals and ensure another term of a Andrews Labor government, possibly with a further reduced Liberal opposition.
    When the Lib's changed from O'Brien back to Guy, I thought that was a mistake then. Guy was yesterday's man, who had been easliy destroyed by Andrews and had a tendancy to try to "out left" Labor. The criticism of O'Brien was he wasn't laying a glove on Andrews, but that was during the height of the pandemic, when oppositions were rarely heard. Yet Guy has not been able to prosecute anything on Andrews despite a growing laundry list of corruption. As some one else said recently, Guy managed to take the smoking gun and shoot himself.
    I hope Andrews is booted out, but I don't see how that happens given who the opposition leader is and how he works.

  18. This terrifies me and my whole family have agreed to get the hell out of dodge if he gets back in. Also agree that the US would be most ideal location. How depressing.

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