Daniel Andrews not interested in Parliament

Daniel Andrews does not believe in a functioning parliamentary democracy or the value of the opposition’s input during a crisis. According to his own words, his only job is to manage the pandemic and vaccinate Victorians as he sees fit.

The Victorian Parliament remains closed.

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. His leadership was alright and his snaps on some journalist were somewhat understandable last winter but this year unless he is trying to break his 120 days of press conference record, parliament sittings are main part of the job.

  2. Don't you just laugh at Mr Hunchy..when he says that "Victorians" blah blah blah…like it is an actual fact that Vics are worshiping him and agreeing with his every move? what a fkn joke this arrogant P%$% is.

  3. Hey Mr Hunchy… have you seen the thouasands of doctors, scientists, etc..around the world who say to STOP this vax programme NOW? Have you seen the thousands upon thousands that have died from this experimental gene shot? and the millions who now have life long injuries from the experimental jab?

  4. He’s running for the communist party of China next election. Dictator Dan . Absolute gangster . How about educate yourself Dan read the Nuremberg code first paragraph. Read your privacy act section 94h . Gangsters the real pandemic is how stupid people have become reliant on the the mainstream media actors reading a script. This country is back to prison island days . Nazi Germany where’s your papers are you for real no chance I’ll ever bend the knee to corrupt politicians taking pay offs from the 1 per cent. Bad mouthing China where worse than China now . All premiers should be sacked arrested and charged for war crimes against humanity and civil liberties and criminal negligence absolute abuse of power’s sending out gi joes on the rd enforcement of directives not laws handing out fines with no legal backing. Stick your rules stick your directives. We pay your wages we the people run and pay for any country that you live in and pay taxes in . Now being treated like children and criminals having not committed any crimes. Gangsters come at me see how you go gun and badge I’ll stick it up your assssssss

  5. If he is not interested in parliament then he is not fit to be premier.
    Jabs in arms is not his role or his work.
    Opposition is very relevant to the work a premier does.

    Daniel Andrews must be removed from parliament now. He has no right or authority invested in him by any instrument or person that allows him to act in this way.
    He is destroying people and democracy and what will be left who survive this scandemic? Nothing.

  6. so wonderful that this arsehole speaks for every person in the state oh! we don't even need to think for ourselves anymore! because we have daniel andrews to do that for us!

  7. Pssstt…hey you! YES YOU! have you heard the latest from the World Health Organisation? No? Well I wouldn't expect so because they don't tell you this on mainstream news and media. But PLEASE read this short excerpt. Inform and educate yourself.

    World Health Organization European Advisory Group of Experts in Immunization former Vice President Professor Christian Perronne yesterday said that all vaccinated people must quarantine over the winter months or risk serious illness.

    Perronne specializes in tropical pathologies and emerging infectious diseases. He was Chairman of the Specialized Committee on Communicable Diseases of the High Council of Public Health.
    Confirming the rapidly deteriorating situation in Israel and the UK, the infectious disease expert stated: “Vaccinated people should be put in quarantine, and should be isolated from the society.”

    He went on to say: “Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous for others. It’s proven in Israel now – I’m in contact with many physicians in Israel – they’re having big problems, severe cases in the hospitals are among vaccinated people, and in UK also, you have the larger vaccination program and also there are problems.”

    The current working group on the COVID-19 pandemic in France was reported to be “utterly panicked” on receipt of the news, fearing pandemonium if it follows the guidance of the experts.
    Israeli doctor Kobi Haviv told Channel 13 News: “95% of seriously ill patients are vaccinated. Fully vaccinated people account for 85-90% of hospitalizations. We are opening more and more COVID branches.

    The effectiveness of vaccines is declining or disappearing.”

  8. Your job Daniel Andrews is to govern FOR the people as per the peoples wish not over the people and if you fail which you have then you alone sir are accountable no-one else this is just payback because you no longer have your belts and road chinese crap.

  9. He's not apologising for undermining the democratic process. Not apologising for being a dictator. Not apologising for criminal behaviour. Time will not be friendly to dictator Dan.

  10. A good manager delegates jobs to others Dan your job is in parliament running the state and if you don’t or can’t please resign let someone else do the job you obviously cannot do. Stu,