Daniel Andrews today showed how ‘vindictive’ he is

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is a “thug” who will “sacrifice anyone” to get his way.

Mr Bolt said today, Mr Andrews showed how “vindictive” he is following Essendon CEO Andrew Thorburn’s resignation.

“Andrews today doubled down on his vilification of Thorburn and Thorburn’s light on a hill church – calling them homophobes and bigots, people for whom there was no room in his state,” he said.

“The Premier is judging Thornton not as an individual … but by some caricature of a Christian. That is Bigotry.

“The mask is now off and it reveals something monstrous.”


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  1. How anyone can vote for Andrews and think he is a decent honest person is mind boggling . The AFL also has a lot to answer for as well and has become politicised due to the CEO (GIL) being the same as the dictator Dan. The Andrews ALP are nothing more than a Communist Thug that locked down a state for 264 days and how free for was that ??? In this nation we have the right to not like anyone we choose to . Perhaps I dont like you because of who you are and perhaps your faith and sexual orientation are just a coincidence ?? But people hate me because I amazing single with straight catholic male ??? Why am I wrong you so right ??

  2. 5:39 The man is an utter hypocrite. While the rate of self-deletion for people in the LGBTIQ+ community is high, our womanist premier doesn’t give a rats that the rate of self deletion for MEN is triple that for females. SJWs are an utter pestilence!

  3. Polling badly with the Christians and Muslims huh? Pity Dutton wasn't fighting for freedom during the last two years. That would have seemed genuine at least. Instead he stayed seated and silent while ALL our freedoms were under attack.

  4. Hey Danny Boy ! Ask why the Australian Blood Bank why it dosent automatically take donations from this group of individuals….
    Now tell us how you want to keep the general public safe.

  5. So now is this the precedent, that mainstream Christian views will disqualify you. Religious discrimination 100%.
    Just because you have different views and do not choose to engage in something that's not your thing, does not automatically make you a hater.
    Soon they will be censoring and cancelling religion.
    Soon you may not have a job because your beliefs may be seen as offensive.
    Absolutely ridiculous.

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