Daniel Ellsberg Demands Biden Throw Him In Jail With Assange

Legendary whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, who helped end the Vietnam War by leaking the Pentagon Papers, revealed in a recent interview that Julian Assange had shared with him the entirety of the classified information that led to the Wikileaks founder’s arrest. Ellsberg told his interviewer that, having committed the same crime as Assange, he should be subject to the same punishment, essentially taunting the Justice Department to arrest him as well.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger cover the iconic Ellsberg’s surprise revelation.

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  1. I've been saying for years that Assange should call the US government's bluff. America doesn't really want to put Assange on trial. They would much prefer to just keep him on ice in the UK.

  2. We need to honest here – the US Imperial fascist project must cease.
    It's embarrassing now.
    The only country that I can think of that is more embarrassing than the USA at the moment is Australia.
    It's pathetic subservience, cowardice and compliance to US demands is just appalling.

  3. Jimmy Dore is a great channel. Coming from Law Enforcement, he is right. LE, judges, politicians are burning you every day. Cawthorn told you just a little bit, and now he's gone.

  4. Everyone/thing that published the documents should make the same claim as Daniel. They should be man enough to stand up for what they did. This whole thing is a massive injustice.

  5. The military industrial complex, which includes the entire political establishment of the United States and their corporate owners, are trying desperately (shamdemic) to regain control over the American people. They ask "What has happened to public "Trust"?
    Guess what. There hasn't been "Trust" in government or, any American institutions since the early to mid 1970s, because people were actually paying attention to the Pentagon Papers, congressional hearings on illegal domestic operations of the CIA, NSA and FBI, Watergate and, Iran Contra, just to name a few instances of betrayal of the public "Trust".
    Here's another thing. Are you listening CIA, FBI, NSA? "Trust" is NEVER coming back!
    Picture this, The American people are the slum dwellers, standing on the sidewalk next to their slum lord (the United States government), watching as his building goes up in flames. He's pleading with them to help him to save his building. They answer – "No. Let it burn. We don't live there anymore."

  6. Here's an idea.
    Question, what do you think would happen if almost no one voted in the next Presidential election?
    Answer, the army would be in the streets the next day.
    Boycott the next Presidential election. Get around 10% voter turnout and see what happens.

  7. And that everyone knows that what was shown by WikiLeaks is that the U.S government are the ones that are the actual criminals… not Assange not Manning… everyone around the world knows who should be locked up… it's the people that went after Assange for making known who it was…as is the biggest of what their all hiding is the real guilty parties are the ones that made it so that any helicopter gun ship went around killing people without a bullet being fired at them, that they didn't show as being any form of military or terrorists… the real criminals are those in the armed forces… that go to other countries and kill people without warrant… the U.S terrorist helicopter gun ship crew… are the ones that should be in jail.

  8. The Sopranos were more honest in fact the mob in my mind is by far at least in southern Italy where I’m from on the dual national the original mob not the ones that have taken over small areas and made them into private military outposts where you can’t get in unless you wanna get really you can’t even fly over bastards have served stair missiles but when the mob took out all the corrupt judges when they tried to come into our area and forcibly tax our 2000 year old free zone the name of our area is literally translated as free village because the Romans declared us free from taxation because we stood up and volunteered to go and take out the Germans that slaughtered three lesions and left the bodies to rot in the forest and we lost almost 2/3 of all of our men so we have no taxes they tried to say that we had to so they came down the mafia said nope there are people when they were crossing a bridge they want them they tried to cross anyway they blew the bridge took the freaking corrupt judges and all their lawyers and all their pigs right to the bottom of the gorge about thousand feet straight down And they never been back in 25 years and they’ll never ever come back because they got no balls and nobody in Italy is going to fight for anything Italy only fights if you threaten their family they don’t give a shit what’s going down in the next city we had city states we all speak different dialects we’re not Italians we are citizens of our city that’s why Italians identify by the city and not buy the country unless you’re in Northern Italian and they aren’t Italian their Germanic and their backstabbing fascist blood pisses me off

  9. The US has become a country where criminals attain the highest posts, and enjoy the privileges whether financial or otherwise, take for example Hillary Clinton who is a criminal that pushed for the Libya invasion, and destruction, she is proud of it, and made huge amounts of money from a foundation that has been financed by the Gulf money, her husband is no less criminal, and so is Bush( the bath artist) who authorised the war on Iraq knowing full well that it was illegal, and now we are blessed with a war monger called Biden who not at all there in the cognitive world but still has enough hatred, and a lust for the money that his country will reap by pillaging Russia after breaking it down using their killer machine called NATO, and their criminal, and illegal sanctions which so far have FAILED……..

  10. Is Assange is a publicist and a journalist? Is Rupert Murdock a publicist and a journalist? Is Musk a publicist and a journalist? Is Besos…

    Free speech, Free press UNLESS… UNLESS what?? National Security??… Culpability for a Top Secret leak while YOU, PERSONALLY are in a gov or military position? Where, exactly, are the lines between free press and Top Secret materials… there must a statues and laws, policy and proceedires, rules, guidelines, work culture lines about these thing… what is a Fopah? What is a crime?

  11. daniel has been fighting his whole life….but,at his age,he has nothing to lose.same goes for bernie trump or anyone of that age.they should all be putting themselves out there for assange.

  12. Freedom my love that you in my darkness I can barely hear you through the greed of a nation teach me hope I know I am not lone and understanding that we can overcome someday without Freedom there is no peace

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