Daniel Ellsberg on Julian ASSANGE: “The Press is in DENIAL!”

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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  1. assange is the latest 'dreyfus,' accused of treason to cover the treason of others. treason is a nonsense, he is not a usan. so they tie him to manning because he did publish mannig's accusations, not a crime, but also encourage manning in his crime.
    i am reminded of the dreyfus affair, because both involved criminals accusing the innocent.
    ellsberg is no champion of virtue – his wife is responsible for the pentagon papers, but this time he is old enough to speak truth to power.
    truth doesn't matter anymore, and it seldom has. usa is in the grip of fascism and few escape.
    the thugs in power are bad enough, but when a large %age of the proles are thugs as well, as in the usa, there is no path to light.

  2. Just to be clear on Assange's legal situation in the UK:. In May 2019, he was sentenced to 50 weeks imprisonment, with a recommendation that he serves half. Even if one were to assume that he has served his full sentence, he should have been released nearly 6 months ago, and is only in prison today because of the extradition case.

    I'm pointing this out because people seem to be under the impression that he is still in prison for his bail-skipping offence, but he isn't. He would be a free man right now if the extradition case was dropped, and my Governments part in this is shameful. We should have offered an exchange for the diplomats wife who fled to the US after she killed a teenager in a car accident, and then told the US to jog on when they refused, and then released Assange.

  3. YouTube Eastman pay for it it's going to raise class taxes Joe Biden Jojo touch your kids I love youtube political ads . Totally Criminal and unamerican and should be punished . I'm so tired of these ads in these criminals that run my government

  4. Assange is like a modern day Woodward and Bernstein, except he blew the lid off dozens of cases of corruption and abuse of power,….funny how those 2 aren’t anywhere to be heard over this…..

  5. How do you define the American Republic?
    U.S. Constitution's FIRST AMENDMENT. FOURTH AMENDMENT. Basic, essential.
    How do you define the American Empire?
    "Just a scrap of paper" (you know, like toilet paper), as John J McCloy taught to the Shrub who then repeated it.

  6. No the MSM is owned by tyrants and all should be shut down or lose their news reporting licenses because they are propaganda scumbags

  7. “No man escapes
    when freedom fails, The best men rot in filthy jails;

    And they who cried: “Appease, Appease!”
    are hanged by men they tried to please.” ~ Hiram Mann

  8. Obama. Nine cases against telling the truth.. Bad president. Actually horrific. (Bombs, Bailed Banks, Blocked Universal Healthcare, and Bullied Free Speech….also made decisions based on race (racism).

  9. I gotta question, if Jimmy Dore is such an unhinged nutjob, then why do widely acknowledged freedom fighters and heroes come on his show as opposed to Sam Seder or David Pakman.

  10. Just keep watching him there, and don't even suspect he could just get on a plane in UK and have someone else get off, some one more deserving of a pair of CUFFS. It is a show, Enjoy it only gets better! BTW Look up John George Trump in his early years. You really should do that!

  11. More to the point if an American journalist or American citizen acting as a journalist writes or produces materials that another country (including allies) doesn't like will that American journalist/citizen be handed over to that country?

  12. I bet is the of the MSM GOT some of that 90’s anthrax they
    Used to scare everyone with theyd report on that, and the. Go who done it? ? funny hey.. no one ever went down for all that “anthrax” priming.