Daniel Hale Sentenced for Exposing US Drone War Crimes

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Written by Richard Medhurst


  1. This will be totally twisted in main media. In CNN and Fox reporting, there is no account about the 90% innocent victims killed by the drone attacks, but instead suggestion that Hale has leaked information to help ISIS. Our main media is controlled and corrupted to the core.

  2. I had no idea until recently. They need the lies intact so we think they are doing things correct and in our best interests. It covers their asses and keeps us from being informed and intelligent and know what heinous garbage they do.

  3. The American government are full of ? noting but soulless savages no excuses I feel so sad for Daniel and Julian you are not allowed to tell the truth anymore the truth now is against the law

  4. Biden should reduce the 763 Billion Dollar to 400 Billion Dollar! And that amount is still too much. No country on Earth does spent So much money for Weapons and Other Crap .They could use this 300 Billion for Health care for all and education, etc.No Country on this planet got such a big Military monster. What a waste of money.

  5. Option 7: How bad would it be if you just threw it away? It is already held together with duct tape and zip ties anyway? Ease your mind and just throw it away. It is not worth all of this. Sure, you could run it on some thumb drive Linux, but is it really worth the trouble? Will you ever actually use it again or will it just sit in the closet until your children throw it away after the reading of your will? Throw it away and enjoy that clean, fresh feeling

  6. I have always said, that if you are constantly telling the truth, then they make you out to be an enemy and then they crucify you… but if you are constantly lying, then they vote for you & make you the President.

    For those of us who love our country, and what it is supposed to stand for, we have a right to know what is being done in our name, we have a right to know the truth, we have a right to know how these war criminals are taking our entire nation down the drain with their criminal abomination. We have a right to know what has happened to our country and how these war criminals have taken America down the drain with their criminal behavior.

  7. My conscience, once held at bay, came roaring back to life. At first, I tried to ignore it. Wishing instead that someone, better placed than I, should come along to take this cup from me. But this too was folly. Left to decide whether to act, I only could do that which I ought to do before God and my own conscience. The answer came to me, that to stop the cycle of violence, I ought to sacrifice my own life and not that of another person

    The dude can write.

  8. Horrific what Daniel Hale narrates. And it's evil what the drone program does, more often than not, to completely innocent people. As an American, I am ashamed by all these undercover, inhumane practices, where money and manipulation of people, play a major role, in this entire crusade.

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