Daniel’s Victoria: Divided

Victoria is just the way Daniel Andrews likes it: divided.

Any politician really, from any side, will find their political agenda much easier to push through with a divided voter base that they can segment, mobilise and revert to in retreat.

This is a segment from The People’s Project episode ‘Daniel Andrews Will Lose The Next Election’:


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Written by Discernable


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  1. Well every American owns on gun if not 20., and they’ve still got Bumbling Biden in the White House.and trillions of dollars worth of debts.. and cities getting burned and looted,

    Americans need to clean up America and leave Australia to us,

    I think the guy in the white t-shirt is wrong.. it’s a stupid theory.., he’s not critically thinking

    How on Gods green earth when the vax pass is lifted is anyone going to know who is vaxed and who isn’t.?

    I’ve been supported for being unvaxed.., I even had a woman come up in a bakery and abuse the owner for following “ Dans stupid vax pass”… and walked out with me in protest.
    I live on the Surfcoast in Vic and small businesses have got signs up but v few small shops are enforcing it,, they can’t afford to., they’ve been closed the best part of 2 yrs.. they need the money and the sales.
    I went into the florist to order a wreath for my sister’s funeral., the florist had this tiny sign down the bottom of the window.about vax certificates.

    I gave her my order and paid and I said: “You didn’t ask me for my vax pass!” She said: “Have you got one?”
    I said “no”!
    She said I cld not care less.
    The sign is as small as I can make it and I don’t ask anyone because it’s none of my business.
    I nearly lost everything bcoz of those lockdowns which weren’t necessary., 7 days he said with the last one.,, 77 days later., we are still locked down.

    Andrews shut down the florist industry on 2 Valentines Days and one Mother’s Day and we have been locked down for nearly 2 years., often at a minute’s notice., I’ll sell my flowers to whoever I can.
    I Cldnt give a stuff about the bastard., the signs on the window because it has to be., I don’t have to take any notice of it., it’s Andrews sign not mine.
    So the florist has no intention of asking people personal medical information.

    it’s only Bunnings and K-Marts.
    It’s those businesses I won’t be giving any patronage to…screw them.. I’ll just buy off the smaller businesses who need the money more after nearly 2 years of lockdown.
    Screw the big companies!
    They made huge money during lockdowns now they think they can control people’s lives.
    We’ve got one Bunnings and six mum and dad Hardware stores/businesses.
    I think the guy in the white t-shirt needs to calm down., we have to heal!

  2. This was never about our health. People feel like they have been kicked in the guts especially where businesses have demeaned them. It will take a long time for peoples self esteem to return. A lot have been treated like lepers. Good luck with trying to get people to volunteer now.

  3. A woman SET FIRE TO HERSELF in Werribee yesterday, with a sign on her car that read ‘No one cares. The mandates are killing us’. Melbourne will NEVER ‘return to normal’, and the damage that has been done has left scars that are permanent. And the most vulnerable members of our community are STILL being completely ignored. Tens of thousands of us who are unable to be vaccinated and immunocomprimised or similar have simply been forgotten. It’s sickening.

  4. Please understand this pandemic is not about the Covid19 virus or the vaccines!! Its more about the "digital passports" they are going to create a GREAT RE-SET of the whole monetary system As you know we live in a fiat currency monetary system worldwide! And now its full blown run its course basicly by printing money that has caused major inflation etc So these powerful elite now want to re-set this system to a block-chain money currency system (Not Bitcoin) and to implement a social credit system type of currency so if you're a good person and do what the government tells you too you will be rewarded with credit points and if your’e a bad naughty person who speaks out about the way the government does things then your credit/money/points will be reduced!–This will determine whether your children go to high end schools or low end schools or what quality house you buy or car etc, And guess what!! already 95%of Australians have signed up to this new system by taking the vaccines or lose your job or lifestyle! Can you now see how people are being rewarded now for playing this game and those who haven't are being punished?…The only way we can defeat this evil New world Order style system is to not comply SAY NO!! But I fear now it maybe too late but then again the statistics the lying media are putting out about how many have taken the vaccines could be a lie! We will just have to wait and see.

  5. Old sayings have truths " divide and conquer ".
    Onto the idea that Chairman Dan will loose power next election. I disagree with this absolutely. There are so many people l hear from around me how much they have agreed with Andrews and his tough measures – l am becoming socially ostracised with my views. Sure tell me to get new friends and some new family members too but he'll it us going to be a real difficulty to get rid of him.

  6. There is going to be a lot of lingering resentment, especially amongst families. My family, wife & two boys, have been excluded from all of the extended family functions. How do we get over that?

  7. Division is part of the plan. I’m sure there’s more to come. He’s set the businesses against the people. People against people. And he’s grinning from EAR to EAR

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