Dan’s Fun Police shut down the music at Club Parliament

The afternoon following the large protest in Melbourne 27th of November 2021, they came to shut down the DJ due to a council noise complaint.

Written by Marty Focker


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  1. look at the waste of taxpayer funding going to useless "police" who enforce petty rules created by an illegal corporate entity known as the council that was fraudulently created in order to enslave and control the people.

  2. Once again, coppers causing unrest and nonsense. How much is it costing us to have these Police day in and day out. No violations or violators. Go and catch some REAL criminals. You dont need half the police force for NO OFFENCE.

  3. Give the cop a break at least he is being a good bloke. You can see the other's are ready and willing to drop you and drag you off.
    When you get a good COP you should respect them. Not as a cop I reckon FTP but you gotta respect the men for being a good bloke's and women.

  4. And just like clockwork, the Omicron variant is announced and delays and new 'rules' introduced.
    These pricks all need to be brought out to hang. If they were really afraid of the people, they wouldn't be doing this.
    They aren't afraid nor are their lives made uncomfortable enough. That's the problem. Like this it's only going to get worse for the people. Needs to be ramped up. May I remind you all that the ADF are currently training in shoot to kill exercises for escaping targets THAT'S US. Also we have UN troops and artillery on stand by on our land. Why play so nice now? You see it does nothing and already what you think you're protecting by being obedient you have already lost!

  5. Protests have to be loud so that everyone can hear! Daniel Andrew probably lodged the complaint because his ear plugs are not working well enough. The sound of protests should make you feel safe unless you are one of those causing the evil. The police should hurry up and listen to the complaints of the protesters if they are worried about the complaint of the noise. The police officer is evil for blaming the victims for making noise!!! Daniel Andrews probably want some peace and quiet so he can think of new ways to pass his bill and abuse Victorians more…

  6. Music is not only about decibels….. its about frequency as well…. if the frequency of the bass is lower than the human ear can hear it will probably vibrate the windows…. but on that same note the frequency that is felt worldwide at the moment by all people is something that can't be turned down…. keep up the fight against tyranny good people of the world continue to be heard….. shake the shit out of everything until these evil mungrels know who God is ❤😇🌻🙏

  7. Cabal and Globalists
    are safe, as long as they are NOT discovered,
    that is their method of survival; keep us asleep, keep us selfish, keep us sedated.

    But, it won't work😀

    Most of us are awake
    and the ones that
    were not awake
    are awakening now.

    Everyone…..please read this book:

    "The most dangerous book ever published."

    Deadly deception

    Soren Roest Korsgaard
    Jerry Day
    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
    James Corbett
    Dr. Gideon Polya
    John Remington Graham & Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

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