Darren Grimes Under Police Investigation For Comments Another Person Made

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  1. If he had immediately challenged Starkey and berated him for his use of language I don’t think he would be being prosecuted. This is totally politically motivated. The fact that he is culpable as being the uploader is just a convenient excuse to silence him.

  2. "Well, for us it was either persecute this posh kid for WrongSpeak, or walk the streets looking for people not "social distancing". Given that it's cold outside, and rainy, the choice was easily made", said the police spokesman.

  3. Imagine being the police officer that has to arrest someone for saying something mean. That has to feel ridiculous to go put someone in handcuffs be over a post.

  4. 8:00 When Dank says again and again that he doesn't get it. He must get it by now. The point is to have different laws for different people, moral policing, selective enforcement. So they can use the power of the state against people who don't go along with the ideological agenda.

  5. "I don't understand why police are so determined to actually get arrests on stuff like this."

    Because it's easy. Because it gets you an immediate victory. Because you can go to the press and say "look how effective we are. We stopped the nasty racist. Who knows what his dangerous words could do." And you don't even have to investigate. The nature of the "crime" is such that the perpetrator basically has to confess publicly for the crime to have happened. You can show the public how useful you are and keep their faith in you because you're protecting them from racists, you can show the people you work for that you're worth the money they put into your budget, and you draw attention away from any failures you may or may not have suffered recently.

    And that's the charitable interpretation of why.

  6. Starkey did nothing wrong. If a deranged organisation makes claims of 'genocide', which are clearly ridiculous, and these claims are vigorously rejected that isn't wrong. That's all Starkey did.

    And if what Starkey said why can everyone repeat the 'damn blacks' comment? Nonsense.

  7. The sad thing is, investigating muggings or idiots just beating people up is just not worth the paperwork or manpower.

    I had a mate when I was in Sixth form, he got mugged 3 time's on the way home from a night out, black eye and stolen phones, and every time he went to the police they just didn't want to hear it. Never got his phones or wallets back.

  8. He said 'slavery wasn't genocide, because, if it was, there wouldn't be so many damn..' so it seems he said it for emphasis but it didn't sound good.

  9. if you ever, in your life, interacted with a white supremacist, you ARE a white supremacist.
    is essentially the level of british law at this point.

  10. We should just directly feed them racist slurs in interviews and when THEY POST it, sue their asses off like there's no tomorrow, using this case as a direct analog.
    Send those hogs to jail with an uno reverse card.

  11. "You've probably seen him on the TV"… when do especially you goddamn Anglos get the fact nobody outside your country usually gives a shit what is on your TV, and even if they did, they wouldn't know for obvious reasons?