Dave Chappelle Attack – My Reaction

Reaction to Dave Chappelle being attacked on stage on Tuesday during a performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.
#DaveChappelle #Chappelle #ChrisRock

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The world has gone mad, people generally are stupid and few actually have the ability to think critically, we are going on a downward spiral, and we will be responsible ultimately for our own extinction if things keep going down this route.

  2. During Obama’s term, so many black folks were murdered by cops or black on black crimes, recession, gas price hikes, foreclosure, closure of multinational military bases in the U.S. and abroad. Today, in old Joe’s administration, comedians are getting attack, LGBTetc. Takes advantage of the system, people getting censured for speaking their thoughts as if we live in a communist or authoritarian country (this is bull$h!t), inflation, tax hikes, wokeness movement, BLM LLC fraudulent activities. I mean, what else do we need to see and experience to notice there is something very wrong in this administration.

  3. I say if you are being picked on by Dave Chappelle or you're offended by it then you should be flattered that anybody gives a shit about you or what you stand for 😂

  4. Weak men showing even weaker constraint of their own emotions. What could Dave Chappelle have possibly said to warrant that kind of reaction from another person?? Well
    … don’t answer that..

  5. (Jada/Will) . . The look that launched a thousand slaps – and (now) much worse. And so it has come to pass. Cancel culture and high-frequency sensibilities drive morons to engage in violence and attack comedians for making jokes they don't like. It's a sick, sick world, folks.

  6. Russell the energy is out of balance!

    We need to raise the vibration, we need to balance the masculine and feminine energy

    Russell I’ve been trying to reach you since I woke in 2018… I have been guided to share my story. Wrote a book to Awaken, Heal & Unite the World

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