Dave Chappelle Completely Destroys Cancel Culture

Dave Chappelle on Cancel Culture

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  1. When I watched his latest special on netflix, and they showed those two purple haired women sitting near the front, I knew to keep my eye on them. Cuz they wouldn't be laughing long and I was right!

  2. Dave Chappelle is fighting the right battle, the deception of this world is too great and people are just loosing grip on reality and truth!

  3. Meth is what affected the white ppl Dave, and they’re still getting high, and they’re still being thrown in jail. They get out, relapse and go back to jail. Nobody cares about them either. Opioids were made a big deal bc it’s a pharmaceutical, and the medical community pitched a fit. Maybe we need them to speak up for meth and crack addicts so they can get help too

  4. Cancel culture is old world… and it always fails… Dave really is quite a genius, call out the bully in his face and he will attack, but u prepare for it and YOU win

  5. Many of those T people are not real T people. I seems like many are obese wierd men that that figured they would finally get attention by changing themselves.

  6. I love Dave but he’s wrong about crack/ opioid epidemics. I’m slightly older than Dave and I grew up in New York and remember the crack epidemic quite well and the difference is the extreme violence that came with the crack epidemic. Heroin addicts might break into your car and occasionally freak out but it was the Wild West back during the crack days. Here’s some numbers to ponder: in 1990, NYC had 2245 murders from January 1 to December 31. That’s an average of six a day. After twenty years of war in Afghanistan there’s only 200 more American deaths. It was insane back then. And a bunch of the years before and after it had numbers very close. So Dave is leaving some very important information out of this conversation

  7. i can't seem to figure out why dave supports democrat morals and then seems to have problems with democrat morals., he keeps getting cancelled by democrats and keeps supporting democrats., i guess thats the real joke.,., ';'

  8. Dave Chappelle is just so damn funny and always has been he just finds comedy in real life and I love it… I've been a fan since his early days when he was Tyrone Biggums and he'll never be canceled in my eyes 💯

  9. I think its just the world has more of an opportunity to be heard and they voice their opinion based on what others say and do instead of what those cancelling or voicing actually see…

  10. Dave is right …I ran across the "You" today …oh yah …wanted to punch one in the face …the laundromat person, made me wait outside, while washing my clothes …I live out of a Buickkk! 🚘…give me a breaaakkk! …it's about fear & control …with these Covid freakkksss …aahhhhhh 😭😨