Dave Chappelle is a TERF

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  1. Forget Team TERF.

    The Trans-Activists are Team CWC, trying to get Joe Biden to give Chris-Chan a FULL PARDON. After all, he is their messiah… A man who claims to be a woman solely because it gives him easier access to women… And as admitted it multiple times, as well as stating that LGBT behavior must be moral, otherwise it wouldn't be allowed.

  2. Who gives a fuck? If they put hands on him then it's a problem.

    Real talk though can you imagine how bad someone would get their ass beat if they managed to get on stage and hit him? Would be like a chimpanzee mouth fucking a frog; deadly and grotesque but something you couldn't look away from

  3. Awhh poor Dave and his 'my group identity isn't seemingly as important as yours ima make bitter jokes about it' 😂 anyone with any credibility should welcome his cancellation for the misinformation he spread about blm and George Floyd.

  4. Get it right. TERF is "Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist". To be one, you have to be a radical feminist. Most people aren't even feminists. This is a feminist civil war that was scaled up to societal levels because some think everyone is a feminist. The "if you're not with me then you're against you (fascist, sith) mentality" has intersectional feminists calling everyone radical feminists.
    TERFs are often misandric, thinking that the whole trans-matter is a conspiracy by MRAs to get into women's spaces and rape them. Normal people who defend the TERFs' right to free speech rarely believe these kinds of insane things. So don't go calling people TERFs just because they're not intersectional feminists.

  5. Dave is close to understanding what it's like to be a white male. You can be spat on, attacked, and murdered and no one cares. But the world will stop for a drugged up felon overdosing in police custody.

  6. I dunno if it's because I had Frank zappa and rocky horror picture show in my childhood, the idea of getting upset over comedy routines is completely foreign to me. Any media in fact. These activists look like a totally different species to me with how they approach things

  7. After watching the special, it really seems like most of the people who hate it haven't actually watched it. Either that, or they're intentionally ignoring the part about Daphne; the trans woman who defended him and got attacked online for it.

  8. Dave kinda did the "I knew a transgender person who called me friend, so you can't say I'm transphobic"-bit, kinda like a white person would say "I have a black friend, so I can't be racist." Same thing, think about. He did it. And this is not me defending/supporting transgenders or whatever. God no.
    I just don't fully trust Dave anymore, because he's said certain woke shit over the past 4-5 years and then backs off of it–and then gets back on it again… Like, at first he said "Let's give Trump a chance" in an SNL monologue and then said "Fuck that guy. Let's all hate on that guy together." in his following special, only weeks later (and after complaints from "fans" of course) . . . Now that was blindingly woke, "all of a sudden"!
    And since then . . . Meh.
    And now he's "anti-woke". sigh What're you gonna be next week, Dave?! Gonna do white face again? Or complain some more about whitey? He actually said his problem has ALWAYS been "the whites!" in The Closer . . . Imagine a white comedian saying that his main problem/issue has always been with "the blacks"! . . .
    Why should I root for him now that he "stood up" to the same wokeness that he kinda supported not that long ago?
    If he keeps this up, fine. But I don't think he will in the long run.

  9. Imagine a movement so insane that siding with radical feminists is the norm 😂

    People: “we think biology is important”
    LGBTQ: “😡 you are bigots”

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