Dave Chappelle Isn’t Bending to ANYBODY’s Demands

The outrage mob wants Dave deplatformed from Netflix. He isn’t having it.

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  1. Sigma male grindset? Wtf is going on with you Memology. You are supposed to make fun of all the retards both sides. The sigma makle bullsh*t ius retarded come on now

  2. Chappelle is what the right loves… controlled ops to tell them sweet little nothings lol. The guy literally said if MJ had diddled him when he was a kid he would have been cool with it… this is how pathetic the right is, that anyone who says anything against the establishment shills, even if they are themselves… establishment shills… is somehow hella based to you people.

  3. memology i like u a lot but…. he is giving up he alredy said he isnt going to make any more gay or trans jokes…. he gave up dood plz edit this vide oand add him saying he wont make gay and trans jokes anymore

  4. I think the issue is not transphobia as i cannot fear what i don't give a shit about , but it's transphobia-phobia. Where these people cannot handle not being the norm and they project this out and attack people all the while saying they are not the problem.

  5. Change yourself, that's fine.
    Do not act like you can change others and don't change when they want you to.
    You get one chance in this life, do not waste it by failing to live as you see fit.
    You do you and the rest will fall in place or it will fall off.
    Fuck it.

  6. I always liked Dave now I love him we will take back this country with intelligence, respect,and muscle the three things you low life’s know nothing about but you woke libtards are gonna learn this is America and we don’t take crap from anybody that includes small worthless hate groups in our own country.

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