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  1. If you don't like comedy stay the hell off of the comedy feeds. If you don't like David Chappelle don't watch his videos don't go to his show. If you don't like cotton candy don't eat it. If you don't like walking through mud puddles, stay on the sidewalk if you don't like Picasso stay the hell out of the gallery. Jesus Christ I am so sick of all this b***** how about if you don't like living on this planet contact NASA and see if you get the hell gone.

  2. 3:23 "I don't think it would be okay for a white person to joke about a black persons experience" – this white lady while she makes jokes about at least two black guys for their 'lived experience'

  3. What most people are unaware of is the fact that dave's comic special was actually a tribute for one of his best friends that died. This friend was a trans woman and she was also a comic just like him. She tried to stand up for him and wrote a post online to defend him. The alphabet community got outraged and bullied her so she decided to off herself 6 days later. Her name is Daphne Dorman.

  4. I was in middleschool when 9/11 happened. I was one of the only muslim kids in my class/school.

    The other kids who didn't know me too well would joke about it. Even into highschool. But here is what I

    have observed. When you are different – people want to probe and test you. So they can humanize you.

    The best way to do that is comedy! But if you shut people out and just try and force them to accept you,

    without allowing for honest discussions and room to be ignorant then you are going to force them to reject you.

    And it will end with violence or rejection.

    You must allow people to make fun of eachother. That is how others see as humans. Its fun. Its endearing.

  5. What an idiot, literally talking nonsense. Once he said it's fun to make fun of anti vaxers then it was clear that he's just a moron. The topics they align with being roasted is funny, but things targeted at the BLT community is a no go, she's a hypocrite and a sheep. A comedy special is not a social documentary…

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