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  1. I'm biracial and I think the whole topic of race has gone too far. People say they're against rac*sm but have made it their hobby to hate white people. The hypocrisy of the left is sickening.

  2. Dave Chappelle taught me about black community 1000 times more than media or Hollywood. F them ! We need to destroy the noisy woke supremacy

  3. Walkout? I can't imagine how these woke activists have anything important to do in their jobs that the company would need them. Heck, why not replace them if Netflix needs it.

  4. So I’m actually pretty hard core “liberal” in my personal autonomy beliefs, but even I am becoming put off by all this. I completely understand protecting peoples right, BUT that doesn’t guarantee your feelings aren’t allowed to be hurt🙄

  5. This is a free country isn't it? Chappelle is funny can talk about what he chooses! He is a free man isn't he? Netflix is sooooo stupid, gotta maintain a backbone as a boss, NEVER allow employees dictate company policies, who's the boss?

  6. Netflix deserved and earned this mess. Not for platforming Dave. He will be fine and did awesome. For catering to the woke mob. Eat the mess you made Netflix.

  7. Chapelle realized that the Comedy Central was making hundred of millions off his show while simultaneously trying to curb his humor and say he wasn’t advertiser friendly so they couldn’t pay him what he was actually worth all while raking in the cash behind his back. I think that’s why he left.

  8. Tolerating stupidity is the reason why entertainment is falling apart. What have they contributed that they think not doing their jobs as a form of protest would cancel netflix's 3rd most watch content at the moment? If they quit that would improve the work environment if they're this entitled and delusional.

  9. It's easy fix, just post that subjects maybe "Shook" while watching. Just like a Rating. Rated R, PG, etc. Or even a PARENTAL ADVISORY label but for all that might find it "Offensive". Don't make it out more than it is. Pffh, amateurs.

  10. Dave has FU money, and his jokes are topical yet hilarious but also make you think , that is if your actually watch and not watching for what offends you, good luck trying to cancel the goat lmfao 🤣, his willingness to push boundaries is what all good comedians do.

  11. … Do. Do they not realize that they are openly and publicly setting themselves up to be fired with reliable cause? That's insubordination, conspiracy in a workplace, conspiracy with clear malice, misuse of corporate resources, and if Netflix wants to argue it that's also clear organizing of malicious forces to disrupt the flow of a business using business resources/on company premises. If they have contracts for their employment that could be interference of a workplace, inference of a contract, breach of contract, and much more….
    At this point, Netflix is within their right to fire them and anyone who walks out. Outside of the crippling of workforce, which many people like to have the job in their place, for a few days; I don't see why Netflix doesn't fire them. On the insubordination and continued unprofessional conduct alone, that's grounds for termination alone.

  12. The only hate and intollerance in society today is coming from the left and the woke facists. The woke do not want to be treated equally they want special treatment. As long as NetFlix keeps bending a knee to leftist woke facists that use terrorists tactics to get their way your company will continue to hemmorage subscribers. When you lay down with dogs you wake up with fleas.