Dave Chappelle strikes back – Hannah Gadsby slammed

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Dave Chappelle has been under attack by the ‘T’ community since he released his Netflix special ‘The ‘Closer’. Hannah Gadsby – Australia’s shittest comedian had some words for Dave. Let’s watch Dave strike back. Regards, 🐻


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  1. Dave Chappelle: "You will not summon me."
    SJW "activist": tries to roll with $400 worth of credits for Dave Chappelle on a Twitter based Gacha game
    Another SJW "activist": Tries to form a pact with demons to summon Dave Chappelle

  2. They use the term "phobia" so they can call you a bigot. But they don't use English properly at all.

    After all, do YOU believe all these people have, and I denote, "an irrational FEAR" of homosexuals and transexuals?

    No one fears those people at all!

    Who do they actually fear? The zealots who control government and industry who suck the proverbial cock of the far left lunatics.

  3. Dave is spot on Gadsby isn't funny nor has she ever been,… she's an aussie pseudo comedian (one in title only) and most wouldn't have a clue who she is and any who have seen her stand up KNOW it isn't seeing worth even if it were free.

  4. It's like his opinion on the "murder" of Floydy boy.

    Normal humans realize he died of a heart attack brought on by drugs, but I don't hate Dave Chapelle for having a different opinion on it.

    These weirdos need to get over themselves.

  5. It's clear that professional critics are merely reptilian humanoids from the ancient kingdom of Agartha who get paid in 60+ virgins and frozen rats just to churn out "reviews".

  6. hannah gadsby has many issues and her ''comedy'' is just her talking about the trauma in her life, there is no punch line just all the abuse she went thru… if you like her that's fine but to say she is funny is a joke in its own right…she speaks her opinions like a ted talk but there are no jokes, just criticism.

  7. Wanting to change gender because you "feel like a woman or man" is an opinion & a choice. Let the rest of us have the same respects. If you doing what you want, relies on other ppls approval then what are you really doing it for? 🤔 just live your life the way you want and if ppl don't like what you do, THATS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. if they PHYSICALLY prevent you surviving, then you have the law to help you. If you can't sue then just go ahead and do you. No one owes anyone a damn thing. Especially with all the REAL issues in the world rn. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  8. I'm still waiting for the Wokists to release their list of jokes which can not cause harm.
    If I am not mistaken, nearly all jokes are making fun of someone. GASP!

  9. One thing the Left has made clear, apologizing is just the last thing you do before they cancel you for your original 'heresy' anyway. Never apologize to these people. Mock them until they cry them mock them for crying.

  10. It wasn’t ok. You’re clearly a easy mark sadly. You continue to be a victim because it’s the only attention you get. I pity whatever it is trying to be. Lastly a phobia is a fear. Chapelle doesn’t fear you.

  11. the last real form of free speech is under attack!Freedom for comedy if a feminist comedian feels its okay to slay men but when a male comedian makes fun of a similar subject and you cancel him this is not freedom of speech and you better learn how to goose step and get used to wearing black uniforms nazis

  12. I don't know. I fail to see anything funny in standing on a stage and ranting about all the men who have treated her badly. Hannah Gadsby I feel for all the abuse you have dealt with in your life but baby you just aint funny.