Dave Rubin SUSPENDED On Twitter For Medical Misinformation, News Changes TOO FAST To Know What Real

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  1. I saw some lady say she is "double fully vaccinated". And I honestly don't know if she got 2 shots and is now fully vaccinated or got 2 shots from 2 different companies. Over the past 2 years I honestly don't know which is more likely.

  2. This virus is evolving awful fast! For a natural jumping virus.. We’re on the Delta variant, that’s three variants since the beginning! But still no proof of origin

  3. Why would they suspended him over an opinion? Is Dave Rubin an expert in medicine? No. Why would I choose FIRST his opinion over true medics and scientist's opinions?

  4. The public are currently putty in their hands. Too scared to speak out, too exhausted to resist mandates and too confused to see the lies.

    “Just take the next shot. If you know what’s good for you…”

  5. the tribe are intentionally removing some of their own to make it seem less obvious haha. also as a backup it will feed their victim complex doctrine.

  6. Docs don't know, they tend to follow official position. I've asked all the way up to a virologist. Censorship makes it to difficult to make an informed decision.

  7. How is ANYONE making any definitive factual statement regarding what the "Delta Variant" is or is not doing, or even if it actually exists? The Delta Variant has not been isolated. It has not been sequenced. No test will positively ID the Delta Variant without also giving a false-positive for "Original Recipe" Covid-19.

    So where is ANY data about the Delta Variant coming from?
    How can they blame something they simply cannot identify?

  8. Social media keeps on banning prominent personalities from talking about this because they do not want guys like Dave Rubin getting credit for being correct – they ONLY want the mainstream news talking about Covid because they need people to need the mainstream media.. Public health has absolutely NOTHING to do with any of this, I mean they could care less who dies or who lives – but what they DO care about is which institutions have the monopoly on information, not only that but they DON'T want people to begin to realize that they've been played… Once again their reasons for shutting down dissent or alternative information are reasons based in selfishness, not because they care about you.. It's fucking disgusting and those that actually believe social media or the MSM give a shit about people are the useful idiots.. Everyday I'm stunned by the collective stupidity of humanity, I should be used to it by now but it's stunning..

  9. People aren't becoming conservative, they are just finding themselves having more in common with conservatives because the left has moved so far left.

  10. Dave Rubin is a moron and I say that as a right wing republican. He has made some of the dumbest statements around. He shouldn't be banned from Twitter but he wasn't banned. He was suspended. Big Woop. I got suspended before for a whole week for making a joke about taco bell.

    This simply isn't news.

  11. I've been saying since they started doing the vaccines the only people who should be wearing masks are people that are actively sick and people who have received the vaccines since they are more likely to be a symptomatic and not realize they are getting people sick…and that is why cases have jumped because the people who got the vaccine took their masks off and infected everybody

  12. What started all this confusion was calling a vaccine that doesn’t necessarily prevents the disease and not calling it what it really is… a booster shot. If it was called a booster shot from the beginning people logically would still treat it like the flu shot, keep the distance during that said flu season because a booster just provides somewhat of an resistance to said flu. The issue boils down to, the powers that be, sold what is a booster shot as a cure all and are mad that people have treated it as such when the game has changed. Just call the vaccine a booster and all will be understood

  13. I bet the Chinese Government does this. The Communists and all tyrants control the information given to the masses. I can listen to whatever anyone says, no matter how much I disagree with them. or just switch the channel. A free country?

  14. I never heard of "viral loads" before but it was mine and others mind set from the very beginning that the vaccine just helped you fight it, not that getting the vaccine ment you wouldn't get it

  15. A 3rd dose ?? gtfoh is anyone still buying this load of ? ?? Glad I never got the first. I work at a hotel with guests from virtually all over the world, if anyone was going to catch any "variant" of covid it'd be my coworkers and I. I only know one person who caught o.g. covid and he's a logger who doesn't see that many different people on the regular so catching it seems totally random.

  16. the news CORPORATIONS are so incompetent and so chaotic and so disorganized and so propagandistic to a degree that its just a mess.

  17. What would it matter how fast the info changes. Fredom of speech is freedom of speech. Anyone should be able to voice their opinion or stance on any issue.

  18. At the end Tim questions why people are questioning their doctor, says his family knew their doctor for a long time and says to find one you trust. Politics has become the main problem with that. The second problem actually has to do with female doctors and its not what you would think.

  19. How can they say that a 3rd shot would work any better than a 2nd shot? The "vaccines" are working as intended and they were never supposed to stop people from getting sick… So what would a 3rd shot even do? The idea that antibodies aren't lasting 6 months is absolute nonsense.

  20. why even discuss this? we get it already. they are in full control and we are all helpless.
    lol why care about a freakin online site to began with? you people act as a f your life is over if you cannot communicate on a freakin screen.
    it's just weird and pitiful to me. very childish.

  21. This is the guy that says in his podcast everyday that no one should be on twitter. Then he talks about everything happening on twitter. This is boring. Twitter is dumb and toxic. And stuff like this -and what Dave does – keeps it alive.

  22. Wow, so the EXPERIMENTAL jab is not efficient enough for new variants??
    It's like buying a brand new first edition console and the thing getting 3 red rings of death after 6 months.
    Ps: Damn memories…