David Hogg Just Got Totally EMBARRASSED After Trying to Start Pillow Company

What happened to David Hogg’s “Good Pillow” that was supposed to put Mike Lindell’s “My Pillow” out of business? Here’s why “Good Pillow” turned out to be not so good. @davidhogg111 @GoodPillowCo

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Written by Dinesh D'Souza


  1. Dinesh D'Souza is a hypocrite and racist…and D'Souza needs to do more research – David Hogg WAS at the school during the shooting.

  2. Politics aside, let's look at this from a purely business aspect:

    Mike Lindell: "I'm going to develop a pillow to help me sleep because I have trouble sleeping with the current pillows on the market. Maybe I'll market my pillow if I can develop something good and I am going to have it made here in America."
    Mike Lindell then finds that building up a company just to produce pillows is not easy, but he trudges forward anyways. He teaches himself and develops manufacturing techniques to mass produce his pillow, even teaching himself how to sow in the process. He even designs and builds the machinery to mass produce his pillow. He then builds his company up from the ground and aggressively tries to break into the market.

    David Hogg: "I'm going to imagine up a pillow, which will be magically better than MyPillow, out of spite, with the sole purpose to put someone I disagree with politically out of business. The company I imagined up, based around the pillow I imagined up, will embody all the imaginary leftist ideals that tanks businesses and economies."
    David Hogg then talks and talks. Hyping up a pillow with no other purpose except to put someone he hates politically out of business. Hyping up how it will somehow be better instead of actually developing a pillow up from the ground that will help people to sleep better. It seems he is putting more energy into developing his logo instead of the actual product. He puts all his energies into hyping up the politics of his company, his hatred of Mike Lindell and trying to market his victim status over a situation he was not even in. He approaches building a company like something that will somehow appear just because he imagined it and because stupid people are investing in him based on political ideologies instead of a sound business plan.

    Given a choice based on the facts, I know which horse I'm betting on.

  3. I guess anybody could sort of reverse-engineer a "My Pillow" to make one yourself, but I don't think it would be LEGAL to sell it like that. Other than that, just getting somebody to make pillows for you, putting your own brand on it, and selling them isn't going to be a successful venture, if your sole purpose is to put Mike Lindell out of business. It's obvious that Mr. Hogg isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  4. Interesting logic. So David Hogg's going to get all of Mike Lindell's conservative customers to abandon ship and buy his pillows instead? Or is it the assumption that progressives are going to buy his pillows? Even if so that doesn't put Mike out. If not, he's not identified an audience for his pillows. Seems like he assumes a gravitas that can be commoditized. In other words, he thinks he's going to bank on hatred and not necessity. Unfortunately, Mike's customers are very likely conservative elderly people that make this type of comfort a priority, and David's audience is likely still learning how to read…especially in this school environment.