David Kurten grills Sadiq Khan on grooming gangs in London and his support for ‘Black Lives Matter’.

Written by David Kurten


  1. I like how he thinks you are mixing up BLM with BLM. That was a really awesome double think. It's literally on the "movements" go fund me page.

  2. Well done sir. We need more voices like yours being heard out in the main stream. Level headed fact based arguments and holding the people in power accountable. ???

  3. In one breath "my limited knowledge of Islam"……….."are you implying because of my faith I'm not investigating"
    It was like some David Blaine type move how fast he managed to pull out that race card from nowhere.

  4. Khan you are a self serving prat. You keep going for the quick win and not looking into the organisation you “ support” . It highlights to the people how foolish you are

  5. Who's the foreign guy who cut him off.. come on… their are plenty of British Asians who could do his job… why a bloody foreign one.. oh yeah Sadiq khan's why…..?

  6. If BLM defund the police how can this sex trade and these victim be protected this will continue and escalate how can this man support this movement he needs to resign

  7. How did we end up on the subject of grooming gangs?

    The original question was:

    As you are in charge of the police in London why are you supporting an organization that wants to defund the police?

    From the mayor's response there appears to be some confusion between him and David over the aims of BLM specifically their level of support for the police.

    I guess it is difficult to understand the context of the question as there aren't many clues to go on such as acts of wilful criminal damage in London for instance.

    And the public are supposed to feel reassured by people in authority…

  8. Obviously getting too close for comfort ..why do you think SK so arrogant he thinks he is untouchable and pulls the faith and race card as soon as things get uncomfortable..we cant let this go on ..where are the government why is this man still in office ???

  9. This guy is evil how the hell he became mayor of our capital must be because there are so many left wing and non British people in the capital. Rename it Londonistan. one city by one city until the invasion is complete, while the powers at be placate them at the expense of the indeginous people

  10. “Can you please not ask any hard and relevant questions about the correlation between rape gangs and my faith please?-NEXT!"
    These scumbags are complicit in every rape that happens forthwith

  11. I would love to ask him why do you arrest Tommy Robinson and all the other edl members and shut down the white rascist edl organisation when you havent bothered to gt of your arse arrest the blm protestors who tore down statues caused absolute fear and horror and our streets had the elderly in fear to leave their houses and wanna shut down the police force that protect us why havent you done that ok slavery was bad but why is it compulsory to teach slavery in history clases why dint you stop teaching it then when people are pulling down statues that are linked to slavery if it upsets people NOW and people are so angered now all of a sudden when it's been taught for over 20 years and no one done a protest no one caused havoc people were walking past these statues and no one battered a bloody eye lid but now it's such a issue and people are outraged

  12. This fella REALLY nailed Khans arse here. FABULOUS. We need MORE of this type of man to speak out against this absurd and racist movement called BLM.

  13. Notice how the chairman here did his utmost to deny that man asking questions about Rape gangs in London AND note how defensive Khan became! (they DONT even want to 'debate' the matter! THAT not only tells you about how this creed think, but it also explains how all them Rape gangs around the Uk actually 'got away' with that despicable and violent rime for soooo long. 🙁

  14. The the chair basically wouldn't let the mayor answer the question of if he was hunting and stopping grooming gangs ?
    So all I got was.. grooming gangs are bad, but I'm not prepared to tell you if I'm hunting them or not?

  15. he should not be in office and he should not be chair .. this is the uk and they will not answer questions when they are about things that their people are doing to children they just close it down