David Limbrick MP: ‘Treat Us Like Adults’

This interview from January 2021 (2 years ago!) with David Limbrick MP holds a poignant moment for us at Discernable and for all Victorians:

‘Do the right thing only makes sense when it’s a choice. When it’s a mandatory, police-led response…doing the right thing is just doing what they say’.

We will continue to fight for a thinking population who are interested in ethics, morality, and self-reflection.

Snippet from full interview at:

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  1. Unfortunately, we are now in an era of utter conformism and a culture of extreme risk aversion. Many people want their government to eliminate all the risks of life and are willing to give up their rights in exchange for a false sense of security. It will take trauma, them or their loved one being injured by covid19 vaccination, for them to see that there can be no life without risk and that individuals must take responsibility for their own lives.

  2. Frankly if someone treats their kids in the same way Dan Andrews, Mike Gunner, etc. do towards VIC & NT respectively, they'd be rightly accused of child abuse and neglect. *Coming from a child+cultural abuse survivor who persistently called out the insanity in Oz from the very start

  3. Who elected in these cretens that our rights are taken away? The digital passports are a one stop hack shop for all our I formation. It’s is not safe… we are adults we are not children… well done.

  4. Look it's your choice, but if you don't do it we'll take away your job, ability to enter stores, events, dining and restaurants, move interstate or leave the country. But it's your choice.

  5. Sorry Matt, I have lost hope for Victoria! After the election result, I am in two frames of mind, either Victoria has Stockholm Syndrome and sympathise with the oppressor or they are scared of change to alternative leadership which appears to be weak with Vic Libs! Four more years of Dan Andrews is tough to swallow!

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