David Limbrick MP will not comply with proposed motion for members of Parliament to show jab status

Interview statement made by David Limbrick MP (Liberal Democrats) in response to a proposed motion to limit access to Parliament to only MP’s that have been vaccinated and can provide proof via the submission of private medical records.

David Limbrick has said he and his party colleague, Tim Quilty MP, will not be complying with the order even though they are fully vaccinated. They are standing in solidarity with other Victorians that they represent who find themselves in a similar situation.

Furthermore, if enacted the motion may exclude duly elected representatives of the people from participating in the parliamentary process, thereby impacting the very foundational tenants of how our system of government works.

The Liberal Democrats have been vocal in their scrutiny of such measures throughout the past 20 months. With the introduction of permanent pandemic legislation looming, the passing of any motion to limit the ability of MPs such as David Limbrick and Tim Quilty to represent the views of their constituents would effectively remove any such considered scrutiny in the future.

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Written by Real Rukshan


  1. I fully support this however it seems that this will mean that the only people who are in parliament will be members who support this draconian measures and therefore more and more of these measures will be passed even easier 😢

  2. This legislation is disturbing and will affect us moreso than even, we all need to spread this information and talk to people, and contact our MPs about this. This will make DA a de facto dictator for as long as the people he places in power say its okay for it to be. Really need to get the information out!

  3. 'liberal democracy'
    The worst form of tyranny is that tyranny which presents itself as highly moral, acting in the best interests of the public while trampling all over fundamental human rights … then they have the audacity to still call themselves a 'liberal democracy' …. shades of 'Freedom Fighters' on the African continent who impose freedom with AK47's … our mob just impose freedom at the point of a needle every 6 months (and you know it will apply to boosters, then to all other vaccines/treatments deemed necessary by TPTB). Say NO now, or live as slaves. Pretty simple.

  4. Thanks Rusky, the Australian constitution Section 51.23a should explain an Australian the law in this matter. Corpus juris is the villain thanks to the White Fleet and the corruption it gifted the corrupt.

  5. Way2go Dave and tim from the liberal Democrats. You guys are legends keep up the good work and don't let the Socialist pigs win. As far as I know under the Geneva agreement we have an absolute right not to go under medical testing without consent or conversion. I see these actions by the government is just a form of Marxism.

  6. Just look what the Constitution states, obviously you have no idea of the law and mandates, don’t get me started.
    None of this is law nor just because it is passed by the Senate dies not mean its law.
    Get you balls out and start swinging them.

  7. Good on you David. I'm so disgusted with the current crop of politicians that allow this to happen. There really needs to be a major clean out on both sides of parliament

  8. Good on you David for standing up for the people you represent. Dan is playing dirty tactics as usual by silencing any opposition to his Dictatorship. They're clutching at straws…. they will be brought to justice eventually.

  9. at what point does a picture of a woman in a bikini become porn and like wise at what point does a democracy become a dictatorship and communism

  10. So this is what democracy looks like in 2021…. I don't recall voting on this crap!! Time for elections so we can flush these bastards out of office.