David Sacks: Ukraine is turning into Woke War III

Freddie Sayers meets David Sacks.

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When Elon Musk unveiled his notorious Ukraine peace proposal on Twitter last month, it caused quite the stir. For simply outlining the potential contours of a negotiated settlement between Ukraine and Russia, the new Twitter CEO was derided as a dangerous Putin apologist (despite his company Starlink providing internet to Ukraine at a cost of $20 million a month). It happens that Musk is not the only Silicon Valley mogul who has come under fire for taking a realist line on the conflict.

In fact, a friend of Musk’s, David Sacks, wrote an article in which he alleged the West had entered into “Woke War III”. Over the course of the war, the woke Left and the neoconservative Right have been marching in lockstep, and using “woke cancellation tactics” to suppress any dissenting opinions.

Sacks, a multimillionaire venture capitalist and host of the hit podcast ‘All-In’ expands on his thinking in UnHerdTV’s latest interview.

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00:00 – 01:52 – Introduction w/ sponsor
01:52 – 06:37 – What is David Sacks’ position on Ukraine? Does he agree with Elon Musk?
06:37 – 11:05 – What is the solution with the Donbas region?
11:05 – 17:55 – How involved should America and other Western powers be?
17:55 – 20:41 – Is there an appetite for war within the American establishment?
20:41 – 23:54 – Why are big tech spokespeople left to make political decisions?
23:54 – 28:33 – David Sacks’ view on PayPal’s misinformation controversy
28:33 – 30:18 – Are we headed for authoritarian times in our society?
30:18 – 30:52 – Concluding thoughts.

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  1. When someone mentions Minsk agreement without outlining the content of it and who signed (no elected authority actually signed it) it is clear that host who does not challenge it and guest who skims it over just do not know nothing about Russia willing to destroy Ukraine and produce youtube contend on the blood of innocent people, while suggesting that somehow it is victims fault of their misfortunes. Total disrespect to you UnHerd channel guys for monetizing in such a despicable way and willingly or not pushing russia propoganda.

  2. One thing to say about Freddie Sayers. From the beginning of the pandemic up until now, I had to do my own research concerning everything around pandemic measures and the vaccines, because no mainstream source seemed to do a good job (not even close) or was trustworthy. I can tell from my own experience that doing serious research, so that one can at least have a reasonable shot at a somewhat solid decision is no easy task; it is time consuming and exhausting, not to mention the stress. Doing this for at least 3-4 hours each day after work for over 2 years has empowered me, nevertheless it has also exhausted me.

    I think I came to know unherd in the middle of 2021 and have followed and critically observed it since then. I can now say with an ease of mind that I can pull my information from this "news outlet" [it is so muh more], because Freddie has proven for one, that his heart is in the right place (,which for me is the most important thing) and that his competence in doing this type of work is par excellence; he just has the right mentality to dissect the issue at hand with solid critical thinking and a cool head. It doesn't mean that there is no room for error or differing opinion, not at all, but that Freddie is fully trustworthy and does excellent work.

    I can say, with an ease of heart, that I can FINALLY take information coming from a news source, without an instantly puching need or even obsession to immediately cross-check and dissect it. Freddie has earned my trust on all fronts. It spares me so much time, energy and stress. THANK YOU, FREDDIE AND THE UNHERD TEAM!

    So, these days my time doing research has fallen to a few hours a week just to keep up to date. Unherd and some other "new" platforms have become my new sources for pre-digested information and I can finally chill a bit more.

  3. I didn't know that David Sacks was SO much of a frustrated cynic, who needs to insinuate dirty power tactics on the part of the West (of which "naturally" Russia is the victim..). Arrogantly, he ignores the longing of ALL eastern peoples for freedom and independence from Russia as if they had not yet suffered enough of Russian opression in their last BITTER hundred years. Immature Sacks is stuck in puberty and more interested in his wonderful rebellious heroism than in reality.
    The real world shows instead, that the existence of NATO is the one BIG and only hope for protection for the eastern people. They ALL want to get under NATO´s protection shield, which worked so effectively for the western countries for more than 70 years now. The insinuation, that NATO (the West) was a dominant imperialist predator stems from a childish ill will and projects the archaic conquering methods of f.e. Russia or China onto the West, as if NATO behaves in the same opressive manner, which it does NOT – fortunately.

  4. Would he support proposals for negotiations on Russia's complete withdrawal from Ukrainian territory, or is he specifically concerned with negotiating away Ukrainian territory to Russia? Because its odd that he calls Russia's 2014 invasion of eastern Ukraine a Ukrainian 'civil war'. Then goes on to parrot what is essentially kremlin propaganda about Ukraine 'banning the speaking of Russian'.

    He also doesn't seem aware that Minsk 2 committed all signatories (of which Russia was one) to the return of Russian occupied eastern Ukraine to the control of the Ukrainian government. Which Russia refused to do (because, obviously, it intended to annex the territory). Which meant Minsk 2 couldn't be implemented.

  5. Great interview! Good to see that the people who can afford to be critical and speak against the mainstream culture actually are. Woke culture is just another mass formation event, many don't buy into it, but are too affraid to be open about it. This says something about the current condition of our "democracies"…

  6. USA does not want peace, that's why they set impossible goals, like not rescinding any territory and reclaiming the Crimean Peninsula. USA and the West are broke and need free access to the 35% of global resources Russia holds. Money with interest always demands exploitation.

  7. Herd and Sachs are disingenuous.
    Peace negotiations are never discussed while the war continues. If the Ukranians entertain peace negotiations while Russians occupy their territory they signal that the Rissians can keep most of it.
    Herd and Sachs are advicating the terms of Ukranian concessions
    Seems they are nothing more than globalists.

  8. Stupid, if you really think that Putin will stop if you give him bits of Ukraine you’re mad. Russia has never had a democratic transfer of power in its 800 year history, its always been ruled by a dictator and Putin is the worst as he threatens the entire planet. Wake up, b he has to go and set Russia free.

  9. Brilliant interview. Just a footnote on Viktor Orban: he won not three but five elections, four in a row by supermajority and spent 16 years of his carrier in opposition. According to his recent Twitter post, he worked along with four German chancellors Kohl, Schroeder, Merkel and now Scholz. Andrew Tettenborn published a good article about Orban in Critic just today.

  10. Give them an inch, they'll take a mile. That's why you don't negotiate in this particular case. About Crimea, even if it's majority Russian, it was done illegally. Again, give them an inch, they'll take a mile.

  11. Looking at it from purely US interests point of view as Sachs claims to, I can't see how rewarding Putin's jackbooted aggression over an Eastern European democracy in anyway serves US interests. That said, successfully stopping Putin's aggression is even more in the interests of the EU who should be providing a greater share of assistance to Ukraine.

  12. Good job, Freddie! I wonder whether there exists an "official" nomenclature regarding titles of the rich and super rich. Even Freddie vacillated between "baron" and "mogul". So is "oligarch" off limits for non-Russians?

  13. Call it Woke War One. (WW1) Why? World War One was about geographical borders and started because of so many "open accounts" between countries. But "Woke War One" is not as much about geography, but MORAL. A NEW moral… New moralS. We are morally fractured. And, there are PLENTY"open accounts" between all this moral groupings. In the end you can say we live in a SYMBOLIC age, more than EVER before. We just do not realize that. We think we live in a logic age, where reason rules…. NO! Far from it! We have less and less to do in REALITY, all we consume is ready made. Eating is a background programm. Nothing we own we have done ourself, or know who mede it, or have a clue, how it is made, or out of what it is made, or where it comes from…., etc. In our daily reality and surrounding we do not exist otherwise, then as "users". (How utterly BORING!!!) But, to balance out our need for participation we "follow the symbols". Look sharp for signs insulting our feelings. Live more and more in a multifacetted CLOUD of wokeness.

    This "wokeness" is held up by the woke as a badge of moral superiority towards what they must see as "sleepers".The ones looking from a different angle. The all sleep, in the mind of the "woke". And THIS is, what differentiates the "new moral" from the old "churchy" morals. The "sleepers" are not evil, they just have not woken up. So they see with PITY upon the sleepers, with sorrow towards them. This is, what scares me most. The woke people are the people in white, trying to "help" us, to wake up…. I myself am fully awake and since longer than the woke movement exists. I do not need any wake up calls!

  14. War could’ve been prevented if Ukraine would agree to keep being poor, stupid and weak under Russian puppet and Russian business practices. Continuing being the Philippines of Europe, just with lower GDP. Like a Sex tourism Belarus. Further generational poverty caused by Putin.

    That or die. Unfortunately.

  15. Only Ukrainians are to decide what they want to do in their country. Putin acknowledged official Ukrainian borders up until 2014. This is a straightforward invasion of the independent country, war against an independent nation. There is nothing to even talk about here, no bullshit about ethnic division, because, if talking about ethnic division or diversity, WHAT SHOULD WE DO ABOUT CANADA??? I mean, Brampton in Ontario should be a separate country then, right? And India should send troops to help it happen, right?
    Also, what does this even mean: "90% of Ukraine is Western Ukraine"? lol Ohmodernexperts!
    Anyways, Ukrainians have all the rights to defend the borders of their country as they are and have been internationally acknowledged for 3 decades. If they don't want to negotiate giving up their territory, it's their rightful choice.

  16. Clubby, conformist, careerists in the foreign policy establishment act out of vested interests, (Sack's description). Tech multi-millionaires on the other hand are interested in "peace".
    I would think you get to be a multi-millionaire by fulltime hustling in your own interest. Nothing wrong with that of course, but let's remember that everyone has an interest.

  17. This phenomenon has already been defined by Chomsky a long time ago in manufacturing consent, he said as western populations ignore the brutal murderous authoritarian tactics employed abroad by American imperialism, that tactics is being perfected and would be directed against the home from as the empire begins to loose ground abroad. Basically we don't care whatever lies are used to demonise the victims of the empire, thinking it would not happen to us, but as in the dystopian analysis by George Orwell in his warning against totalitarianism in 1949 and an earlier confessional prose by Pastor Martin Niemoller in 1946 warning about the same thing in:

    First they came for the Communists

    And I did not speak out

    Because I was not a Communist

    Then they came for the Socialists

    And I did not speak out

    Because I was not a Socialist

    Then they came for the trade unionists

    And I did not speak out

    Because I was not a trade unionist

    Then they came for the Jews

    And I did not speak out

    Because I was not a Jew

    Then they came for me

    And there was no one left

    To speak out for me

    and Mark Twain's assertion that "A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read"

    We have truly arrived in Chris Hedges empire of illusion, where he asserts that, we are in an era where nobody reads, people are now basically functional illiterates who don't read and get their news and education from the mass media and social media (aka indoctrination machines). Bringing us full circle from Tacitus in the Roman empire to Howard Zinn in the 2ist century.

    The Problem with conquered people is they take novelties of civilization when all it is, is features of their own subjugation and enslavement (Tacitus, C., AD96 ‘Agricola of Tacitus’ )

    Those who don't read and are without history in their back pockets, are like two year olds, who think whatever they are hearing and seeing are happening for the first time (Howard Zinn)

  18. keep in mind: Elon Musk, along with many other known and not-so-well known voices (e.g., Roger Waters, Tulsi Gabard), was put on the Ukrainina Kill List: – the fact that this Kill List exists and no NATO leaders condemns or even acknowledges it is telling – I'd ask where the 'woke' 'squad' stands on this Kill List, btw: this is not a hyperbolic characterization – look at the link, very detailed and well resourced

  19. Few thoughts when listening to this conversation.
    I wouldn't compare Putin to Hitler, but rather to Stalin, whom Putin loves and admires so much. I was born under the Soviet regime and with all the respect to these kind of conversations about Ukraine and Russia, I see a lot of naivety and lack of understanding of Russian mentality by the Westerners. The war in Ukraine actually shows where treating Putin like other leaders led us… into war. Negotiating or doing nothing is treated like a weakness in Russia. To them, Western reaction (or lack of) to invasion of Crimea in 2014 was a green light. If you give him an inch he'll take a mile. Seriously… this is a mentality of not only Putin, but many, many Russian people, at least those older than let's say 30.
    I disagree with the view that Russia felt thretened by NATO expansion, this is just a narrative they use. Russia is like this spoiled little kid in a school, anoying, problematic, you're trying to be understanding but they want more. They invaded my country over 20 times in our shared history, believe me…. this does not stop and you have to set the boundaries.
    They have huge territories, they have natural resources, they could be a prosperous country if they wanted. Instead they just feed off of this myth of Great Mother Russia they need to reclaim and everyone hating them. And the funny thing is that if we go back in time, the two important centres in this region were Kijiv (Ukraine) and Mongolia, Moscow didn't even exist when these were flourishing.
    Let me also remind you of Budapest Memorandum 1994 when Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons (the same weapon Putin likes threatening with so much) in exchange for USA help and protection.
    I'd like to ask everyone who, at this point in time, thinks it's time for negotiations and potentially Ukraine losing some of its territories… would you be willing to give some part of your own country just because the big brother next door thinks he always needs more? Poland wanted to be democratic and join the West, Ukraine wants the same. What I hear in this conversation is that it doesn't matter what the people of Ukraine want, but it matters what Putin wants to happen with Ukraine…. this is insane.
    People need to understand that this is not just the war between UA and RU but between the democracy we know in the west (of course not without its flaws) and autocratic, totalitarian, non-democratic options represented by countries like Russia or China. It's an important time in history and I hope that the West is determined enough to support Ukraine to win this war. Peace🕊

  20. I had suspected that David Sacks had simply ventured a view – but no, he turns out to be remarkably well informed! Given that serious researchers regard the possibility of nuclear escalation as shockingly high – indeed not a day goes by when we are not reading about it now – it seems strange that so few people are willing to even discuss options other than an all-out victory for Ukraine. Sacks is surely right that the US's aim to expand NATO to Ukraine, coupled with Biden's declaration that he would NOT fight for Ukraine, has played a part in Putin's calculation to invade. A frozen conflict may actually suit the US, since it unites Europe against Russia and keeps it firmly on the side of the US. But Putin sees himself now engaged in a civilisational conflict, with a far wider aim. It's hard now to see a way out of this terrible mess.

  21. Interesting that what they're talking about is how to make Ukraine more diversified yet peaceful. Reality is, the US does NOT want peace in Ukraine. The US wants regime-change in Russia; (This is a 'proxy war') that's why they're doing everything conceivable to turn Putin into a 'pariah'.

    This war is about one primary thing: Destroying Russia's economic influence in Europe, and to do so by eliminating NORD STREAM pipelines once and for all

  22. Truth About Ukraine/Russia NOT What You Think – Jimmy Dore with Max Blumenthal

    Ukraine (neo nawtzeez) Infiltrate every level of Military & Government – Jimmy Dore

    “Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the resulting cries of “We are all Ukraine,” many have been eager to downplay the proliferation of neo-Nazis in Ukrainian paramilitary groups, the Ukrainian armed forces and even parts of the government.
    As Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss, reports of neo-Nazis in Ukraine are not at all exaggerated, and the Zelensky government is, in fact, largely beholden to these racist, xenophobic, anti-gay groups that brag of the “fun” they get from fighting and killing”– The Jimmy Dore Show

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