David Starkey is Cancelled

Legendary British historian David Starkey has been cancelled by the Twitterati for saying things they don’t like in a way they don’t like. This is clearly a good enough reason to demolish his reputation and career! #CancelCulture #DavidStarkey #MadLad

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Written by Akkad Daily

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  1. Isn't it amazing how we talk about slavery abolished a long time ago and how those people I still believe the generations that has succeeded text group of people should still be punished for crimes they did not commit it is amazing but we talk about genocide he forgot to mention about the black in the side like pot who murdered over I've been killed by the Black governments and their own black leaders they all seem to be forgotten the only people that have ever been responsible for genocide seems to be the white race and and then coloured braces done it it seems to me that is excused by saying I didn't know any better or that's just the way it was all that's just something in the past in history but the reality of it is is this Jerry genocide has been carried out against white people black people and many other covers the cost of thing genocide does it have a colour it as an ideology and the fascist ideology bit like the ones we have to face today with a belief you should think what they tell you the thing and if you think otherwise you should be sent off a real education camp or you should be killed and not thinking the ideologies we wanted to but it seems but when it comes down to debate it is all about the narrative and the lives of these days and the truth very rarely ever really matters apart from the persecution of anyone who doesn't believe in a left wing ideology

  2. The matter almost all these slaves records by those people from the Middle East most of the biggest slave drive slave traders in the world was from Islamic countries who violated and murdered anyone who they did consider not to be sellable so if you happen to be disabled or have deformities you were quite often murdered by the people who captured the slaves this ideology of the slave Traders has been going on for 3000 years but they seem to be only interested in the 300 years it took place in the Western world it goes to show you how are you all education how universities give why do those in Oxford and Cambridge have a very narrow you on the real world and why are they very prone to cosmetic brainwashing by their socialist and communist shooters

  3. The definition of 20 agenda 21 is the replacement for the populations of many countries across the Western world so would I cancel that to be genocide yes I would an elite group of people to decide in on the abolition of the identity of the people of the West

  4. Shouldn't in universities and places of learning the opposite views from the left wing ideologies that are pushing the narrative from the light shouldn't use be put to test and it seems that Mr Starkey did exactly that surprise me who was the woman who has been promoted to professor when she turned around and said that white lives do not matter it's obviously those people in this university I racist and believing the genocide of the white race

  5. Hang on? When will those who carry the flag for the libertarian warriors of the right wing like this chap come clean on what is the extent that they’ll they are prepared to allow language to go unchallenged that is fundamentally racist in description?

  6. I'm glad E. M. Forster is dead. He loved Cambridge, where he taught for many years, and regarded the university as the embodiment of tolerance and freedom. He would have been appalled by the intolerance of Cambridge in cancelling David Starkey. He would have been even more amazed by the illiberal knee-jerk reaction of Dr Starkey's publisher — although I doubt that he will have any difficulty in finding another. Competent and entertaining historians are very hard to find. But the larger point of the video is well taken. Neo-Marxism has taken over our academic institutions and now demands intellectual conformity to that ideology, a conformity that is every bit as pervasive as the conservative witch hunts of the McCarthy era in the 1950s. And as with the McCarthyites, the only way to combat this totalitarian mind set is to oppose it and eradicate it at the source.

  7. Parler is shit.

    Just spent 10 minutes trying to sign up, constantly getting password not strong enough message even from auto generated passwords.

    Plus why does it need my phone number?

    Won’t bother again.

    YouTube is flawed but at least it works.

  8. Cancel culture IS everywhere: your job; favorite family hangouts; the grocery store; restaurants; amusement parks; churches; etc… they're like roaches only the light scatters them.. so let the light of TRUTH shine brightly!

  9. Sargon saying slaves being displaced and killed isn’t genocidal after saying that displacement is in the definition of genocide is dumb even for him.

  10. Both slavery & genocide devalue the sanctity of human life. So, logically, if labour-saving devices were developed… might not a slave owner regard their slaves as superfluous objects fit for genocide? There are fates worse than death; maybe slavery is one of those. Isn't slavery genocide of the human spirit?

    So, slavery & genocide are not exactly the same. But both destroy the human spirit.

  11. i think if he'd said blacks instead of damn blacks no one would have noticed, anyway, brought him to my attention so i'll have a look at his royalty docs now. seems a pretty cool old fella.

  12. David Starkey was one of the biggest tool of false history telling. Glad he got caught out and people are waking up to all the deception, manipulation and lies. Western historians has been telling the world a diluted part of histroy to suit the agenda to dominate and control the world. Those loving him, are not any different from him. Truth right, please tell us the truth about Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada what happened to the original inhabitants, how come Europeans habit these lands today, and the original inhabitants are no where to be found almost, not even in the political affairs of these countries? So will what happened in these countries termed genocide going by David Starkey interpretation or this presenter that wants to water it down to politics. So lovers of truth, speak up to all truth or some truth should be hidden because once again some people don't matter?

  13. Sometimes the left hand washes the right hand first because it's the dirtiest, and vice versa.
    I,myself …
    … am quite grateful,that both of Mine know how to work together.

  14. This country the UK is come a week perthtic place to live in I can't believe how our democracy is constantly chalanged let's just forget all our histy and give into these campaign BLM our government is week and we might as well stop honouring our past of world war 2 and the men and women who have their life's for all of us the UK has got the reputation of being a pushover I am not proud to be British and starting to feel like I'm a second hand person in my own country

  15. BLM is based on lies and started on lies. BLM was started by community activists who are trained Marxists (same as Antifa). They use the emotional scar of slavery and racism to destroy within western nations. Antifa uses the scare of nazi fascists while being brown shirt fascists. The first black American deaths they used to start BLM was justified shootings. A lot more unarmed white Americans lose their lives every year being shot by police when its 50/50 between the races on violent crimes amounts.

  16. We’re living through the collapse of Western Civilisation! And if you think Black Lives Matter are the ones who are going to fill that power vacuum, my god are you wrong.

  17. I'd just like to add We're the only empire in history that ended Slavery gave large parts of Africa medicine and Christianity (compared the Smallpox infecting priests of Nigeria for example) and United the world via The English language and common law*Was it out of the kindness of out hearts? Perhaps not.
    But… I'm not a damn German. I don't live through my ancestors.
    But History is complicated. Mobs are not.

  18. Goodness me, are you seriously sticking up for Starkey? Forget the whole ‘left vs right’ for a second. His use of terms like ‘damn’ and ‘dump back’ are indefensible and betray a mindset that’s unacceptable and reminiscent of the manner in which colonialists view black populations. Stop conveniently skipping over that and framing it as ‘what Starkey said was factually true’.

  19. This is all about the right to be a stupid, idiotic, malleable, hating deviant and to throw tantrums at people who have no idea who they are and frankly don’t care. These are the people politics can get behind, time to abandon politics.

  20. And how come nobody is ever talking about Middle Eastern lives? Don’t the millions of civilians murdered and mutilated by the UK and USA matter? You know, the children, the mothers and fathers that were just trying to survive in countries run by monsters that we put into power and then armed to the teeth. And hey, guess what… a lot of those soldiers doing the killing under the American and British flags are… you guessed it… black!

  21. I have always had deep respect for David Starkey, even more now for not being a shill just to keep a small percent happy to keep their stupidity. It's like comparing cutting off a hand to poisoning someone is the same level. Both are horrible acts, but one you literally can not wake up the next day.