David Starkey: Lockdown is the revenge of the elites | The Brendan O’Neill Show

Historian David Starkey made his return to the show recently for this special, live end-of-year episode. David and Brendan talked about the history wars, eco-alarmism and our descent into technocratic tyranny.

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  1. Are we awake yet 🕊
    It’s not a v a c
    CDC FDA changed the idea of what a V A C is
    Only had 2 months on testing on humans
    A virus With a 99.9 recovery rate
    Look it up !!!!!!
    Do your home work !!!!!

  2. Always brilliant but wrong about mandatory vaccination, unless he adopts a more nuanced argument. I would say that he's right about the history of mandatory vaccination and that it's silly to suggest that it's "un-British"; but what's of paramount importance, surely, is the severity of the disease against which we are to be vaccinated. Starkey doesn't address this point. I can understand mandatory vaccination in the case of smallpox and polio – these were diseases that afflicted everyone with terrible results; but the result of being infected with Covid (and especially Omicron), other than for a tiny part of the population, is not worth paying attention to. Ergo, no mandatory vaccination please!

  3. Dr Starkey: if you had been vaccinated you should be safe – why do you want a mandate? Either it works (like the polio vaccine) or it doesn't. I live in Africa, and I can buy medicine that will protect me against bad people, or even put a curse on other people. You'd think that first world people would know that the vaccine is to protect you. You are not affected by the medicine other people take or refuse. I had to have a yellow fever vaccine to enter Zambia, but that was to protect me, not the Zambian people. And it worked for me regardless of how many people in Zambia are unvaccinated.

  4. Dr Starkey, please elaborate on the phenomenon of people who aren't comfortable in their decisions and then want to force everybody else. I experienced that in the 60s and 70s: I was shamed for being a virgin and wanting to remain a virgin. I was shamed for not wanting to drink or take drugs. So my teen and young adult years were very lonely, but I made the right decision: I had no parents who would have bailed me out of jail or paid for an abortion or medical treatment or paid for year after year at university. I had a bursary and that was my one chance at life.
    Now that you have made the decision to be jabbed, you should be comfortable with your decision, why force other people with a mandate? The jab protects you. I had to have a yellow fever jab to enter Zambia and that protected me, not the Zambian people and it protected me regardless of how many Zambian people are unvaccinated. Here in Africa I can buy "medicine" that will affect other people. It is called magic. I thought first world people are no longer into magic.

  5. Also, when he refers to historical events, Starkey is impelled to use the Present Tense. Why do historians do this these days. Well, I understand why – it's meant to 'dramatise' the narrative; but it also confuses it sometimes. Some people don't mind it – I find it intensely irritating, not only because it's confusing on occasion, but because it sounds so affected – so self-conscious. Starkey, for all his great qualities, is the worst offender, but very very few historians (and those who pass for historians) don't do it. Grrr.

  6. Mandatory vaccination is another step on the ladder to tyranny. Starky surely knows this. As all of the data shows, the vaccines only protect the individual from serious illness, it doesn’t stop you catching or spreading covid, so you can’t use the moral high ground of saying it is for the greater good. We have crossed a serious line in this country mandating the vaccine for NHS staff and care workers. This is the thin end of the wedge.

  7. I got it… The elites are pissed off because their plans to leave the earth were quashed by inadequate technology. They're not going anywhere and are stuck here. Hence, with nowhere to go, they want most of us dead so they can have more land for themselves as compensation. Musk, Bezos, Branson all had plans to build space ships but they're all duds and can barely travel beyond orbit. It's all pie in the sky. They've got nothing. Gates has even less so he's buying up all the land he can.

  8. A question in your area first, Dr. Starkey: was there an example in history that science was wrong or fake science (might not harmful)? suppose COVID vaccine is not harmful but is not necessary too (which is the case I think), would it still be a science? for example, COVID-19 / Omicron gradually becomes a flu (or suppose this is ture,which can be debated), somebody takes flu vacvine ever year and someone just never does it, what is the point of more stringent restrictions or mandatory vaccine? Dr. Starkey, why you keep saying COVID-19 vaccine is science? because it is named as a vacvine? because it is supported by most scientists? can you read and analyse the data by yourself? maybe it is beyond your area this time unfortunately…

  9. I can't believe my ears from this uninformed historian. All the evidence points to the fact that the "vaccines on offer at present are doing more harm than good. It is also worth mentioning that the bloody things don't work. Clearly he wants "society" to get back to normal at any cost, even if it costs lives.

  10. Funny how he says that Dominic Cummings, as a historian, can’t do maths…and then he insists on everyone taking the vaccine. Methinks Dr. Starkey can’t read a clinical trial.

  11. I like David Starkey and agree with him most of the time. But he has a lamentable habit of lurching from cool, clear, compelling argument to talking utter garbage. Homo Sapiens the "summit" of evolution? No, we're merely the most recent species to evolve, and arguably the world would be a better place without us because, at the same time as formulating quantum mechanics, composing symphonies and painting masterpieces, we start wars, allow dangerous lunatics to rule us, and so unbalance our ecosystem as to make catastrophes inevitable within the lifetimes of people alive now.
    Best to catch Starkey at the start of his performances before he gathers momentum, loses control and ends up going off the rails, like here from about 30 minutes in.

  12. Dude would Starkey discuss the distinction between sterilizing and non-sterilizing vaccines at any point?! Just bending over backwards to make a sop to the Covidians. Smdh. I love the guy but Jesus Christ

  13. Not sure I can even listen to you after this mandatory vaccine crap. I get that listening to a diverse group of opinions is healthy but there's only so much time in the day. How can I trust anything else you say after this?

  14. I sometimes enjoy listening to David, but very often he starts expounding on things he knows nothing about. He clearly has an area of expertise, but his dismissal of re-wilding having seen an "ugly" patch of scrub somewhere in America was unbelievably shallow and quite disturbing.

  15. If it were anything even remotely comparable to smallpox or polio (your comparisons, not mine) then I may have that conversation.

    But it isn't.

    So I switch you off. Bye Starkey. You've jumped the shark.

  16. Two points. First, I would agree that mass vaccination should be necessary, provided that the drugs used were indeed "vaccines," that is, they prevent the infection and transmission of a disease. As of today, most new cases of COVID are among the "vaccinated," which indicates these vaccines are not even remotely as effective as the vaccines in our arsenal against other diseases. Bori Johnson claims that 90% of COVID victims in intensive care are not "boosted," but obfuscates the fact that most of these people were "fully-vaccinated" by what was defined as fully-vaccinated only months ago. How many times must someone be "boosted"? That is of course not discussed. though Israel is now administering a 2nd booster to its population.
    Second, Japan. Japan has not implemented any lockdowns, any official mask mandates, and no vaccine mandates. Rather than coerce people under the threat of punishment to comply with arbitrary mandates, the government has instead worked with the people to do what is reasonable and responsible. To be fair, Japan's government is constitutionally restrained from any of these mandates, but, unlike other developed countries, the government as not acted first and consulted the legalities of their actions later.

  17. They locked us down and said the only way out was an, as yet non existent, vaccine. The perverse incentives involved is the reason I do not trust the vaccines. Oh yes, also the fact that I know more people with vaccine side effects than I know people who have health problems resting from COVID.

  18. I like Starkey but he's operating from wrong assumptions on these injections.
    1) assumes their just like past childhood vaccines -they're not.
    2) assumes there is no risk to the individual.
    3) assumes they prevent transmission and infection. –c19 Numbers are multitudes higher than when we didn't have injections available.

    On one hand he slams a china style system taking over the west, on the other he welcomes mandates and vaxpass's…. dude

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