Day 17 RECAP! | Amber Heard Cross & Redirect Exam | Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard

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Day 17 resumed with the cross examination of Amber Heard by Camille Vasquez. Ms. Vazquez continued her established modus operandi of moving through the timeline, highlighting Amber’s prior testimony and evidence, then impeaching it and pointing out the issues with it.

Eventually mid afternoon Ms. Vasquez wrapped her cross, and Elaine Bredehoft stepped up for her redirect. Things didn’t exactly go swimmingly, and it ended with Amber storming out of the courtroom before the judge had dismissed the jurors for the afternoon break. This marked the end of Amber Heard’s time on the stand.

On resumption from the break, we had a video deposition from Amber and Johnny’s former friend iO Tillett Wright. Following that, we began the deposition of Amber’s former best friend Raquel Pennington. The day ended before Ms. Pennington’s deposition could wrap, so that’s where we’ll pick up tomorrow morning when court resumes. We’ll be live from 8:30AM EST. Watch LIVE here:
Day 16 Recap:

@Good Lawgic ‘s fiery reaction to Amber Heard’s Cross:

Two of the key incidents in play: What Do the Facts REALLY Say? | Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard:

EVERYTHING You Need to Know About The Case:

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For some background- This is a defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for defamation stemming from her OpEd published in The Washington Post in 2018. Amber Heard is counter suing for defamation claims based on statements made by Johnny Depp’s former lawyer. The trial is taking place in Fairfax, Virginia, the proper venue as The Washington Post is headquartered in said location. Presiding is Judge Penny Azcarate, Johnny Depp is represented by Ben Chew, Camille Vasquez, and more. Amber Heard is represented by Elaine Bredehoft, Ben Rottenborn, and more.
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  1. I love your informative overviews breaking down what we have been seeing live in the court. It fills in a few of the gaps of what I have missed along the way. Seems to me that your analysis is just confirming my own perceptions of this case and that is that Amber Heard is a pathological liar and abuser who now has a history of seeking out rich celebrities for her own gain and greed.
    No wonder Johnny is so in debt paying for her excess and massive damage bills along with all her freeloading friends and family.
    I really hope he can take this episode as a huge learning curve to get himself well, spend more quality time with the family that loves him, spend more time enjoying his music and free himself of all the scammers around him.

  2. Something Camille did, that was a little risky, but at a subconscious level, is going to be extremely effective to the Jury, was how matter of fact & dismissively she asked questions to Amber about everything related to the abuse allegation, especially the SA allegations.
    Camille ran the risk of having the Jury hate her, for having zero sympathy for a “victim” & by proxy her client.

    Camille went for “Big Air”, stating Amber’s claims more blunt & graphically than Amber or her team did & by doing this, signaled to the Jury, that she had NO DOUBT, Amber wasn’t assaulted, & refused to treat her as if she was.
    It was only a little risky, because Camille is really good at presenting “justified righteousness”, based in facts, and because Amber’s only true authentic emotion, is something involving “anger”.
    Amber, of course, played right into her hand by being more angry at Camille, for dismissing her claims, & then trying to interject to the Jury “indignation” at not being believed by Camille, with every answer, rather than being triggered or traumatized having the events she claimed happened to her, being treated so callously.
    It also made Amber so focused on holding back her anger for Camille, she couldn’t successfully focus on feigning any other emotions.

  3. What's everyone,s thoughts on Camille using the word R.A.P.E to describe the bottle incident. Even though Ambers lawyer didn't… I thought that was a mistake on Camilles part, as it allowed for some real looking very traumatic emotion from Ambers face, at least that's what I thought….

  4. When the audio of her laughing and taunting Johnny came up, I actually cried! It was shocking and at the same time heartbreaking for both of them. I think Amber is so used to being abused that she had to instigate a fight to get that reaction from JD but failed. I can tell she is a tormented soul as is Johnny! They repeated the cycle of abuse over and over again! Had she done the honorable thing and admitted to her mental health issue she could have become an advocate for that cause! (of course I know she can't) I wish them both healing! I hope they both take time to address their "monsters"! No one deserves to live in such pain and anguish… #Justice4Johnny though 😉

  5. What strikes me as inauthentic about Ambers (an alleged victim of abuse) reactions on the stand is also the fact, that she does not seem to be bothered by the fact, that nobody believes her and her story gets ridiculed. If I were a victim of a crime (eventough its not the main topic of the trial) and I got the feeling that my story was being questioned, I would feel helpless and terrified…

    Since she is not in the relationship anymore there is not a threat to her life like it may be in other cases where a victim losing the trial could sent them back to this sort of abusive environment, but besides the terrible memories – that one might be able to distance it self from and retell objectively – not being believed when telling the truth is the most devastading feelings I can think of.

    Thank you so much for your coverage and the amazing content! Keep it up!

  6. I just love how ur dodo is sleeping so peacefully in couch, yawning and stretching. Thats soo cute. And the recap of the trial definitely, amazing. Kisses for the dodo😘😘❤

  7. Thank you Alyte for your comments. It's refreshing to watch an analysis which isn't screamingly biased in favour of one party or the other, which is what I'd been looking for for days.
    I love the snoozing dog in the background too. And your cat is darling.

  8. This is an extremely one sided commentary just like everything else on this case. This case is interesting. It involves two very imperfect people in a very toxic relationship. So why must we whittle it down to hero and victim? You only talk about the things that Amber does or says that are problematic or suspicious when Johnny clearly has some issues as well. I appreciate you shedding light on different tactics and their effectiveness in the courtroom but it’s very biased. You’re a lawyer. You educate people. Do better.

  9. Don't forget that Johnny is also the kind of guy who calls a woman cun*t and whor*re. He tried to control her career and outfits and all. Why no one talks about these red flags? I would go crazy too if I were in a relationship with this kind of guy.

  10. Emotional challenge, the thing about not looking into ambers eyes, an emotional person has a harder time creating information, wich if false disrupts the connection of lies, if tru intensifies the stuburness, similar to the thing with can you go to page … ups sorry, now that you prepared your ideas for this go to the real page. Camille character is perfect for these aproaches.

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