Day 20 RECAP! | What If Any Value Did These Witnesses Have? | Johnny Depp Vs. Amber Heard

Day 20 marked the start of the 6th and final week of the Johnny Depp Vs. Amber Heard defamation trial. With Amber’s team running a severe time deficit to Johnny’s team, the question on all our minds was how would they handle today? Would they rest and save time for cross examining rebuttal witnesses, or would they drag out their case and bring in more witnesses? The answer was the latter.

The day kicked off with Orthopedic Surgeon Richard Moore, before we moved into a psychologist and Hollywood damages expert who were slightly more, should we day, entertaining… Dr. David Spiegel and Katherine Arnold. Both took considerable time, and engaged in contentious and drawn out cross exams with Depp lawyer Wayne Dennison. They debated Goldwater rules, movie trivia, Star Trek, and more. It was a rather interesting afternoon.

For all the details, including a rather optimistic set of Hollywood comparables for Amber Heard, you’ll have to watch the recap.

Trial resumes at 9AM EST and we’ll be live from 8:30AM EST. Watch it all LIVE right here:
Day 19 Recap:

@Good Lawgic ‘s fiery reaction to Amber Heard’s Cross:

Two of the key incidents in play: What Do the Facts REALLY Say? | Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard:

EVERYTHING You Need to Know About The Case:

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For some background- This is a defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for defamation stemming from her OpEd published in The Washington Post in 2018. Amber Heard is counter suing for defamation claims based on statements made by Johnny Depp’s former lawyer. The trial is taking place in Fairfax, Virginia, the proper venue as The Washington Post is headquartered in said location. Presiding is Judge Penny Azcarate, Johnny Depp is represented by Ben Chew, Camille Vasquez, and more. Amber Heard is represented by Elaine Bredehoft, Ben Rottenborn, and more.
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  1. I love your rants! They should do their job as an expert witness! (And overall in life as well. Don't say you are an expert if you aren't)
    Plus, don't come for Chris Pine.

  2. The orthopaedic surgeon said a door was likely, because it was recorded in the medical/patient files. JD told the initial doctor that he injured his finger in an accordion door, which was recorded. He acknowledged that on the stand today. JD also testified this on the stand a couple weeks ago that he told the doctor he injured it with the door.
    The orthopaedic surgeon did acknowledge (before Camille cross examined) that JD had his fingers flat, or curled over the bar. He said that regardless of which of those 2 positions, it was very unlikely that the finger would have sustained the type of damage that occurred.
    I'm not anti-JD at all. But it's frustrating when people seem to ignore or bypass things that the experts have said.
    When Camille was doing her cross she showed a picture of a bloodied tissue on the door and the broken handle of the vodka bottle.. No one (not even Ben King) has ever said what the state of the finger was in when he found it in the screwed up paper. If there was recorded evidence of what the tip looked like then it would be easier to say whether or not the finger was crushed off or cut off. Not that it's that relevant.. But it was implied that just because the tip was found by Ben King, that it disproved the orthopaedic surgeon.

  3. Am i misremembering this, but didn't johnny say that he told the doctor when this happened that he caused the injury himself by accident by squeezing it in an accordion door to keep Amber out of it because he was embarrased that she was the reason? Or was it one of his witnesses that said something like that. I swear ive heard the "damage was due to door accident" at some point in the previous weeks!

  4. I´ve never ever imagined seeing "El Risitas" in a Legal Bytes (or any Lawtube member), It made my day. BTW thank you for the coverage of the trial, iI´ve just found common law trials much more dynamic tha civil law ones! I´ve been glued to the trial since day one.

  5. watching the panel every day and loving it! I disagree with the panel about the testimony of the hand doctor. To me it was convincing: a) Johnny testified his fingers were curling over the counter, b) the bit that was cut off was slightly more on the underside of the finger -> the bottle would have had to come from the bottom and I honestly haven't been convinced how an intact bottle could break and sever the finger on impact. After this hand doctor, I don't believe either Johnny or Amber's version of the story and the doctor is just speculating, and Johnny's hand surgeon yesterday did not change that. If I were a juror I wouldn't count that particular story toward either side (and Johnny would still win despite this).
    Dr. Spiegel was an OUTRAGE wtf expert would call the other side an idiot or idiotic for doing something? Such a dickhead I hated him.
    Dr. Arnold was rightly destroyed by Q-score man yesterday and I was loving it.

  6. Ahhhh your videos are the perfect way for me to try and explain this mess to my friends!!!! You make it so much easier for some people to understand, thank you for your work!!!

  7. Just want to say I love your summaries. I normally watch the depositions first and then wait for your summary, just to be able to scream at the phone ‚I KNOW, RIGHT??!‘

  8. From Court TV: "Dr Spiegel is an embarrassment to all expert witnesses. It seems like they might have called central casting for someone who looks like a pyschiatrist."

  9. Thank you for the great recap. I would usually watch the whole trial, but these last few days with the morons, Scamber puts on the stand have just been impossible to watch.

  10. Did Amber actually say that he hurt his finger smashing the phone? I thought she'd said that she didn't know when he did it, just that she went to bed and when she woke up, she saw the damage to his finger. If that's then case then the defence are just offering a possible explanation as to how it happened, given that in some of the images of the house, we see sliding doors.

    Although we have heard from other witnesses that Amber told them she saw him cut it off with a broken bottle, so that definitely goes against it.

    Wither way, i didn't find his testimony that compelling, especially considering he seemed to base his findings on a hand face down flat on a counter and the bottle hitting from exactly the top, rather than curved over the edge with the bottle coming more side on. Just trying myself i can easily get my hand in a position where the nail would not be the point of contact, so for him to completely write off Depps version based off his interpretation of how that could happen is wrong.

  11. All of the "experts" were seriously lacking and all 3 crumbled under cross. It was shocking, bad and such a waste of everyone's time. If I was on the jury, this would be a big mark against AH's case.

  12. LOL! That was one of the most REFINED and POLITE rants I have ever heard. That says a lot about your very sweet ad overall decent disposition. Please stay that way amidst all the volatile language we hear everyday.

  13. I'm gonna blunt lawyers politicians so called experts & the judicial system is what's wrong with this country. Too much red tape & everyone acts like they're so smart & highly educated. Moving us further into a society that is run by people that hide behind the laws & big words that the average person don't understand. It's like reading the bible. Me I could careless how smart & educated a person is if you're an a-hole you deserve 2 smacks across your face & whatever else you get. But even the most hardcore gangsters running around run to file charges just like Green did with Tyson. The internet gave people a voice & even the weak shy & timid came out of the wood work running their mouths doing these crazy protests. Heard is like so many females out there that think they're smart & cause their female they can cry foul & the man is guilty. And it's not only females it's people of color running their mouths saying I got hands, we're not our grandparents & being loud pushing the envelope then crying racist when you fire back. Well I for one don't care about labels or having people trying to shame me as I have no shame & will tell anyone the way it is. You do unto others as you'd have done to you. You simply make the decision to be a snake or not. Things were bad & with these new generations things only got worse. Giving a path way for government to make changes it wanted for so long. Back in the day if you got in trouble you got it from the authorities & then you got it from your parents. These days parents teach their kids to mouth off & then they grow up & form into this & worse.

  14. I was a PSY/SOC Double Major in college 22 years ago. I now enter contracts for a window installation company. Point? – I do not work in either the psychology or sociology field.
    Do this day I remember "Correlation does NOT mean Causation". It was drilled into our heads that just because two things go together, does not mean one causes the other. Statistics presentations can be manipulated. Without proper research and analysis, conclusions are erroneous.
    That "expert" witness is a disgrace to the Psychology & Sociology Communities.

  15. This reminds of those times in tv shows where a woman who is being abused by her partner goes to the hospital. The doctor asks how she did it and she replies "I feel down the stairs, I'm so careless". Although in this time its JD and it's his so clumsy he accidently shut a door on his finger… the big silly head.

  16. The door is what Johnny told the original doctor. He mentioned it in his testimony. I think that they were trying to say that his original story was closer to the truth than the new story

  17. Dr. Spiegel was flat out Wrong on a couple things in his testimony. JD's team should have a witness who works in drug rehabilitation and knows what 'comfort drugs' are. The prescriptions that JD had are normal for addicts who are trying to get clean. And what he said about how they react in the body, was all wrong too. I know, because I'm in recovery. I've been to detox and to rehab. I've taken these comfort meds myself. And I NEVER hit my husband, ever, NOT in 25 years of marriage!!!!

  18. I wonder why they haven’t take advantage of AH slip about the BRUISE KIT. Why didn’t they call a make up artist to explain and maybe demonstrate the jury what the bruise kit is??

    She made many mistakes when trying to explain how she uses makeup to cover the bruises.

    Everyone woman who wears makeup, we all know she made a huge mistake explaining the steps, and that what she was holding was a CORRECTOR KIT, not a BRUISE KIT.

  19. Wait, and I'm totally team Depp, but Mr. Depp testified that he lied to the first doctors that saw him, stating himself that he smashed it in a door. Because, as abused people do, he lied about how it happened. "I ran into a door" is an extremely common excuse that abuse victims use, to the point of cliché.

  20. Amber Heard’s acting career being “comparable” to Chris Pine’s is just laughable. Even Jason Momoa (who was in the same film) was at least the MAIN character. The movie was literally named for him, and outside of that, while I’m not all that familiar with his other work, I know that he was popular from Game of Thrones and I can think of a few other movies of his off the top of my head. That expert witness did zero useful research.

  21. Go Alyte!!! Trying to maintain a channel with such amazing people that grew exponentially each day is an insanely difficult task and it's admirable how you're doing it all and handling it. Growing pains will come and go, and you will gain a lot more experience and knowledge to help you along the way. Thanks for the amazing content!

  22. As far as NPD, a psychiatrist can absolutely diagnose someone if the behavior is public and egregious enough. Take Donald Trump as an example. This isn't meant to be political, almost all U.S. presidents are narcissistic, but Trump's behavior is such that he is easily diagnosable by a psychiatrist or psychologist. It isn't too far-fetched to say that someone of Johnny's fame and reach could be similarly diagnosed. Its wether he or Amber CAN be diagnosed with NPD that's the question.

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