DC Comics Gets Broke, Goes WOKE, Cuts 25% Of Staff??

Tim and Bill of discuss the awokening of DC Comics and the ways it is indicative of the creep of social justice mindset into entertainment.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. I am SO glad the superhero genre is dying. It has been jammed down our throats for decades with remake after remake. Can we please just get some original deep storytelling? Superhero = Superficial. I don't want anymore cliche skin-deep philosophy.

  2. True SJW's don't read comics. These companies refuse to understand their target customers; both current and potential markets. You can't force people to redirect, you have to appeal to the buyer that will be in the store.

  3. An example of this was the 90’s world sensation Knights of the Zodiac remade in CGI on Netflix by regendering one of the main characters (Andromeda Shun) into a girl because the group were all male and dude used to be a feminine one. Fans hated it. Show tanked. And all hopes of finally introducing the anime to the US were gone.

  4. I'm 66 years old & I've stopped buying newspapers, magazines, cds, etc. If old guys like me are online for media consumption then what are the young people who grew up with the internet doing? I doubt if they're buying comic books anyway & that 'woke' really doesn't matter that much to them.

  5. Marvel and DC literally told their existing audience of 80+ years to F-Off! and called them all "Not-Sees!" and "Wight Supremacists" in order to chase a Phantom Audience of Woke Women!

    The entire industry has TDS and endorses Political Witch Hunts and runs out any Conservative Artist working in the Industry!

    That's why the Comic Book Industry is dying, because they attacked the people funding them and permanently chased them away!

  6. I stopped watching the DC shows like Flash, Arrow, and others because all they do is make every issue in the shows about gender, race, homosexuality, LGBT, as if right wingers hate all of those things. And they make anti-right wing slurs in their shows too. Like no, we hate that they think we hate it and stick in a pie and throw it at our face. Then just to be sure, shove it down our throats.

    I could care less that someone is gay, black, or a woman. Just cast whoever fits the role best. Merit, not identity politics.

    That's why everyone loved Black Widow and hated Captain Marvel.

  7. I have loved Aquaman and Wonder Woman comics for years; long before Batman V Superman. I still have stacks of their books (alongside a massive Daredevil collection and a Thor collection). As the years went on I'd notice that the message kept shifting further and further left. Dont get me wrong Aquaman always had a green message and Wonder Woman was always about women's empowerment but there used to be conservative style messaging as well. Aquaman always had a strong nuclear family messaging and Wonder Woman tackled what is means to have "archaic" beliefs in a modern world. Sadly those messages slowly dissolved away with DC doing everything it could to destroy Arthur and Mera's marriage while also attempting to do away with Wonder Woman's faith. In 2011 the New 52 was released and Geoff Johns and Brian Azarello seemingly reset the narrative; putting Aquaman and Mera back in an unshakable relationship and putting Wonder Woman deep into the Greek Myths. Lefties decried the sacrelidge; perhaps most offended that Wonder Woman wasn't an object mase of clay but the blood daughter of Hippolyta by Zeus (shows their true colors I think; offended that Wonder Woman was an actual woman rather than an object brought to life). Almost as soon as John's and Azarello's run was completed did they start to undo all that good work. I knew it was only a matter of time before we got here, so I stopped reading years ago.

  8. Sucks too because as you cant tell by my Avatar, I love(d) DC. But then I saw them slowly follow marvel. I was like "oh noo please not DC too". *Sigh it sucks so much that democrats have literally destroyed everything that entertains me; video games, comics, movies, shows literally what my geek self loves. Can't find anything that isn't super woke or just woke nowadays. Dems. Twitter, and trying to appease has destroyed our country

  9. When the artists do ONLY the basic drawing and then DC or Marvel charges $4 per comic, they are doing a disservice to the reading public. I started reading comics when they were 10 cents and that's where I built my vocabulary. Now the comics are overpriced and minimal artistic content and stupid story lines. No wonder they are going broke.

  10. This reminds me of what's gone on with the recent Star Wars films.
    I don't understand how films, comics etc., can turn away from the demographics and likes of the vast majority of the fans who supported the product in the first place – and believe they can grow the fan base with NEW demographics.
    Imagine if Barbie reduced advertising and producing Barbie dolls in the the belief that they could sell more Ken dolls?

  11. Hey DC let me fix this for ya, you don’t have an infinite market. You are finite. Accept you market, make a great product, for your market, and keep your business model to it and you will do as well as your market allows.