DC Council, non-profits want Mayor to help migrants bused from TX

Texas has sent more than 3,000 migrants to D.C. on charter buses since the middle of April.

Written by WUSA9


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  1. Where was you sleeping before you crossed the border.get a tent and set up on the street.also where is the money coming payers are barely getting by and theses people are looking for a free ride.Do like the ones that came before WORK for it.It not fair to the people who came across and played it like it should be and earned it.Theses people are looking for a free ride.People are gonna have enough and you think there is chao now.I know what you can do want to get a new life join the US military.shelter food there problem solved

  2. 👍🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿Texas is doing the right thing. Sending them to the mayors who asked for them. Texas is helping YOU out 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️ as a Texan. Don’t turn your back now lol

  3. Bowser declared Washington DC a "Sanctuary City"…time to send more migrants to Aunt Muriel. In fact, I bet she'll let some nice Afghan or Congolese or Guatemalan family move into the Mayor's mansion.

  4. They do have a place to sleep.go to.capitol hill and sleep.and shower there as a taxpayer you have my permission and they can open up the vending machines and take what.they please

  5. Now DC know how those border states feel. DC is only getting a small amount of illegal migrant maybe they should have a little compassion for those border states. DC says they don't want them they just started getting a little taste of what border states are going through on a large scale.

  6. The woman with curly hair and glasses said "We are getting immigrants from Texas and Arizona rather we want them or not" then she says our homeless shelters etc are for our residents, CAN YOU SAY HYPOCRITES

  7. Homeless system for your residents sounds a little racist……lol Hey liberals I thought their was no such thing as an illegal human being……lol

  8. Welcome to OUR WORLD!! We couldn't a year ago!! The DC govt aren't helping US either! OUR RESIDENCE?? Here in the RGV…OUR residence have never been able to get help BEFORE ILLEGALS! – Now legal /Rio grande Valley Girl!

  9. America should just take over Mexico and make it part of the USA. We don't have the room for more people coming here.
    And make it one big RED state so that it prospers.

  10. they need biden to do his duty, and let them camp out on the whitehouse lawn, in AOC AND KAMALA backyard…….ect., it is only the right marxist thing for them to do, correct ?

  11. Should've cared about them when they were in Texas and this wouldn't be an issue. This is a message to the people that run their mouth bout immigration, while providing zero solutions. The script has been flipped..

  12. So it's not good for your residents that have immigrants there to help them but it's okay for Texas residents to do it because you're in a rich area so you think you don't have to help you have the money to pay up and help them

  13. Thank you southern governors for busting the Potato’s “out of sight, out of mind” strategy. Never heard “something has to be done” from DC before!

  14. DC and NYC Mayors are upset that Abbot is sending Immigrants to their Cities and they can’t handle them !
    Sorry Bitches ! You must be a Team Player ! And besides What happened to being a Sanctuary City ? I’m Sure Governor Abbot wants to be sure you two Toadies get your fill of “TACOS!”

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