DC Forced To DELAY School Vaccine Mandate After BACKLASH, Employee Mandate Ruled UNLAWFUL: Liz Wolfe

Reason magazine’s Liz Wolfe lays out new developments with Washington, D.C. public schools’ vaccine mandate.

According to the CDC all COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the United States are effective at preventing COVID-19. Getting sick with COVID-19 can offer some protection from future illness, sometimes called “natural immunity,” but the level of protection people get from having COVID-19 may vary depending on how mild or severe their illness was, the time since their infection, and their age.

Getting a COVID-19 vaccination is also a safer way to build protection than getting sick with COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccination helps protect you by creating an antibody response without you having to experience sickness. Getting vaccinated yourself may also protect people around you, particularly people at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Getting sick with COVID-19 can cause severe illness or death, and we can’t reliably predict who will have mild or severe illness. If you get sick, you can spread COVID-19 to others. You can also continue to have long-term health issues after COVID-19 infection.

While COVID-19 vaccines are effective, studies have shown some declines in vaccine effectiveness against infections over time, especially when the Delta variant was circulating widely.

The mRNA vaccines do not contain any live virus. Instead, they work by teaching our cells to make a harmless piece of a “spike protein,” which is found on the surface of the virus that causes COVID-19. After making the protein piece, cells display it on their surface. Our immune system then recognizes that it does not belong there and responds to get rid of it. When an immune response begins, antibodies are produced, creating the same response that happens in a natural infection.

In contrast to mRNA vaccines, many other vaccines use a piece of, or weakened version of, the germ that the vaccine protects against. This is how the measles and flu vaccines work. When a weakened or small part of the virus is introduced to your body, you make antibodies to help protect against future infection.

Everyone ages 18 and older should get a booster shot either 6 months after their initial Pfizer or Moderna series, or 2 months after their initial Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine. People ages 16–17 may get a booster dose of Pfizer at least 6 months after their initial series of vaccines.

The CDC says A person is fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving all recommended doses in the primary series of their COVID-19 vaccination. A person is up to date with their COVID-19 vaccination if they have received all recommended doses in the primary series and one booster when eligible.

Getting a second booster is not necessary to be considered up to date at this time. A study by The Cleveland Clinic found that both previous infection and vaccination provide substantial protection against COVID-19. Vaccination of previously infected individuals does not provide additional protection against COVID-19 for several months, but after that provides significant protection at least against symptomatic COVID-19.”

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  1. Isn’t that racist to specifically change the rules because of the color of some of the students skin? Shouldn’t they destroy the lives of all kids and not just the white ones?

  2. Can anyone point me to literature that shows that covid vaccines don't reduce transmission? The "official" studies say that it does, and I can't find anything that says otherwise. I look silly telling my friends that the vaccine doesn't reduce transmission and when they ask why I think that, I say " well that what I keep hearing on YouTube"…

  3. By January 2023 there will be such an uproar about these “vaccines”, as the fallout from the injuries from them continue to become known, that they won’t even be available.

  4. America is a family focused country. Let each individuals and families to live free and have their families’ own decisions to take care of families, educations, health decisions, going to schools, being happier, looking for jobs, resting peacefully, hardworking habits…etc., as long as living bylaws together instead of looting, robberies or murdering crimes to disturb or destroy America’s civilized societies without any consequences, because as Government leaderships’ duties, this should be able to take care of and let Americans of all for their peaceful minds to work, take care of families and build our country America’s greatness and strength peacefully together. Let’s reunite together and focus on getting things done quickly together and govern bylaws for peaceful in order societies to achieve America’s greatness, strength and happiness altogether. America 🇺🇸 should be better year by year. At least as a peaceful in order society to live, work, take care of families, raise very young children as a civilized nation America’s greatness always. When too many Americans are talking about daily and worried, it’s at least the time to take care of such issues quickly together without hesitations, since America is a great country of American peoples together. Getting things done quickly together will be better than without getting things done quickly. Only getting things done quickly will be able to win quickly as winning positions to govern again, winning America’s greatness and strength, winning Americans’ happiness, winning the respect from the world, winning the trust from voters, winning the unity of the nation, winning forever freedoms, entrepreneurship spirit and equality of opportunities principles and recognitions, winning being a world leadership status for long time and forever. America 🇺🇸 is America. America is not Russia, not China, not N. Korea, not Iran, not Terrorism activities of the countries, not European Union countries, but America’s freedoms, entrepreneurship spirit and equality of opportunities principles by America’s own recognitions and principles as well as America’s patriotism spirit, hardworking traditions, loving our country America dearly together. Let’s forgive each other this time and reunite together again gracefully this time, focusing on getting things done quickly together, because we are one nation under the God’s wills for continued progress by continued efforts and learning experiences from accomplishments and mistakes together gracefully toward each other’s accomplishments and mistakes this time and achieve again as America 🇺🇸 nation together peacefully. After learning quickly, govern bylaws quickly afterwards together, whatever situations will be able to achieve quickly. Whatever Party wins, govern bylaws for getting things done quickly together after one time generosity forgiveness and kindness nature toward each other’s accomplishments and mistakes sincerely and gracefully together. Constitution laws are America’s recognitions and principles of freedoms, entrepreneurship spirit and equality of opportunities recognitions and principles nature. Urgent generosity forgiveness, grace and decency nature are mighty God’s wills toward own nation as learning opportunities and experiences to do better things quickly as chance giving gracious nation without forgotten achievements by changing mistakes, move forward by carrying America’s spirit together for getting things done quickly together. Maintaining a peaceful in order societies without or very limited looting, robberies or murdering crimes are duties, responsibilities and abilities of electoral elected leaders’ demonstrations of getting things done quickly together. All Americans are Americans together by good or better behaviors instead of splitting up by races or between the rich and poor. Americans of all have duties to build our country America’s greatness, strength as happiness, because without America’s greatness and strength, Americans will have no happiness together. Let’s reunite together again gracefully this time. Let’s continue preserve freedoms, entrepreneurship spirit and equality of opportunities as the liberty 🗽 principles. Let’s forgive each other’s accomplishments and mistakes sincerely and gracefully this time. Let’s focus on getting things done quickly. Let’s govern bylaws afterwards together quickly for peaceful in order societies for Americans’ safety by closing the borders, funding more for policemen’s safety, trainings, education for Americans to achieve through hardworking efforts and responsibilities toward achieving educations and learning experiences together instead of focusing on looting, robberies or murdering crimes. America’s tomorrow will be Americans’ tomorrow. America’s shining hill means peoples in the world’s shining hill quickly. Maintaining peace efforts in the world needs all’s efforts and sense of the importance. Let others be peaceful will be more peaceful as own countries. Patience and efforts will help reaching the peace efforts. Always some different opinions, logical differences, different recognitions, separate principles in the world. However, confidence of own recognitions and principles, learning experiences from worthy to learn, absorb worthy for greatness and strength for continued freedoms, entrepreneurship spirit and equality of opportunities, change for mistakes, strategies for peace efforts, I guess in human nature societies, all we do is maintain the peace efforts either domestically or internationally by visions, wisdoms and efforts. Principles of the freedoms, entrepreneurship spirit and equality of opportunities are the torch of the principles. Visions and wisdoms are leading us move forward quickly. Strategies are the shorter cuts and reaching quickly. Efforts are getting done quickly together without hesitations. One nation will always be one nation together under our country America’s recognitions and principles by togetherness and Constitution laws together through learning together toward govern bylaws afterwards together quickly as well as under God’s wills to save our unity. Sometimes, our own generosity forgiveness and kindness nature toward grace and decency nature at critical time may bring our hearts together to cherish our country America’s greatness, strength and kindness nature which being able for Americans of all to be able to enjoy freedoms, entrepreneurship spirit and equality of opportunities may help us cherish what we have for others to dream for it and bring our thankful hearts together to cherish accomplishments and change mistakes together for getting things done quickly peacefully, effectively and efficiently together. God Bless America 🇺🇸!

  5. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 yep get boosted we all need medicine that they refuse to tell us what was in it and all kinds of people are saying they're harmed by it but it's much safer than getting a little cold! You guys just went way downhill when Kim left it's funny

  6. MRNA vaccines are different. Prove they are safe and effective without censoring certain voices and be open and honest and you might get more customers for Pfizer, but the fact is that the censorship, mandates and offensive rhetoric have destroyed trust. Threatening us with CPS for caring parents protecting their children from this toxic injectable further destroy trust. Two of my children are being denied a college education because of this. I am the only vaxxed member of my family; the free vax cost me $1800 for an ER visit, tests, worry, and most of the feeling in my left side which has not completely returned after a year. No more shots of any kind for me and I will be researching everything my doctor says from now on. No more trust…

  7. This is where this site misses Kim so badly – she would have added that questioning – not the trite, shallow journalism portrayed by these two flakes – the real issue is that excess deaths of children after mRNA vaccines were introduced is as high as +350% according to sources that claim to quote official figures.

  8. You can't lump all progressives into the category of having a certain position. That word has included people that were never true progressives. Really like this issue covered thanks. But lay off the labels

  9. Oh man who coulda seen this coming?

    Hope this makes people less afraid to work with Batwoman in the future. Ya know cause she just takes people's interviews if her boss asks.

  10. Myocarditis is a problem for vaccinated boys/men under 40 years old. Around the world they know this and have barred vaccines for kids. Take off Emergency use Authorization and let the law suits fly.

  11. Why wouldn't the NAACP sue? Oh yea…their money comes from Democrats and Progressives who are the ones making the vaccine mandate policy. Can't shoot themselves in the foot now. WHAT A JOKE.

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