DC Jail Warden Found In Contempt Of Court For Violating The Human Rights Of January 6th Protester

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia join friend and editor of Human Events Will Chamberlain to analyze the judge holding DC jailkeepers in contempt for their treatment of January 6th protesters

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Guest: Will Chamberlain
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  1. The DC police have a long history of abuse and corruption. Think about it, DC and it’s ALL it’s law enforcement, have been owned by the democrat party for decades. Do you expect anything different from them? DC as a whole has been deeply corrupt for decades.

  2. I've heard a rumor that there are anti Antifa types who will put on masks and hoodies to infiltrate Antifa and commit horrific acts of violence against Antifa members. This could prove……interesting.

  3. Everybody is complacent that there is a cabal of elites thinking they are mobsters. They lock up people who do things that pale in comparison to the blm riots and then they order them to be treated like sub-humans wile being a political prisoner.

  4. The left burns down the country and gets a pass. A riot on the steps of congress erupts after a corrupt election and D.C. incarcerates everybody who showed up ! Yeah, that's FAIR !?!

  5. Well that is what some officers are like. That is MY problem with law enforcement. It doesnt matter what you did. Some officers carry themselves as if the law doesnt apply to them.

  6. Tim you absolutely believe that 2022 or 2024 is going to be any different with the election you are part of the problem you really think people going out and boating is going to solve this issue what part of last year do you not get that Republicans are never ever going to win again ever the Democrats have complete and utter control over the election system wake up will never be ever a republican elected a true constitutional Republican whether Congressman Senator and or presidential candidate that wins again ever there are going to be no more Republican winners in our election system wake up

  7. "Justice reform" has been a joke. 2 teens had a fist fight but one had a hidden knife & was stabbing the other with each punch, got off killed him charged with unlawful use of weapon in mutual combat. Yet Jan 6th people are abused political prisoners & Babbitt's killer not charged.

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