DC Just Fired Woke Lunatic Ezra Miller From The Flash! 200 Million Down the Tubes!

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Written by TheQuartering

Another social commentary channel but this one the guy has a beard! Let's Talk Games! I talk about issues many of us care about in the gaming industry, comics, and the world at large. Come to hopefully both be entertained & informed about a variety of topics.Thanks for subscribing


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  1. These people are sick and need mental help. Yet, in our society today we tell them that they are perfect and just born in the wrong body, are the wrong species, gender, etc.

  2. Ezra is a predator plan and simple i don't give a rats butthole about what the alphabet community has to say about it cus the fact's are right there he is a sick individual please just agree on that part damn

  3. Of course this individual is using the whole non-binary as a shield. Especially considering he called himself a trans in one of the arrest videos. Pick one, which is it. Although no one believes a word he says. This is going to get worse and this girl with him may get injured if not worse.

  4. Best thing about the multiverse they have started to setup is it will be easy to replace him going forward. Grant is loved. Bring him in moving forward

  5. grow back the beard bro.. that walrus mustache isnt doing you any favors. Whoever told you this looks good, lied to you. Just being honest, one beard guy to another.

  6. We have Hollywood screaming from the rooftops about equality and erasing bad behavior. But when one of their own is accused of some of the worst things, instead of burying them, they strut along in silence like all’s well. It’s so disgusting.

  7. Ezra Miller was a garbage Flash and even worse Barry Allen anyone who says they're a fan of his portrayal have never read a Flash comic in their life and need to turn their comic nerd card in. Yes, he's a garbage person. But, he's a horrible actor.

  8. Ann Sarnoff final gift to Warner bros. Can't 4get Walter Hamada as well….they dump Affleck, cavill and keep Ezra Miller and amber heard…
    Thank you woke lgbtq+ feminist nut fucks.
    Can we please keep stable men in charge….

  9. Between Ezra Miller and Amber Heard, I'm wondering if DC is intentionally hiring lunatics, or if they're just completely failing to run any kind of background checks on the people they're hiring.

  10. Remember when Demi Lovato came out as Non-Binary after she got backlash for trying to cancel a Frozen Yogurt shop for being "Diet Culture Vultures?" This is something like that.

  11. bat-flick was the worst batman franchise ever. The movie has been out for years – and somehow it managed to become an even worse movie franchise. Joaquim Phoenix Is a complete manic, who played the role of a complete maniac, and won acclaim at his ability to act like a complete maniac. Its time for Hollywood to stop hiring maniacs to play the role of the wholesome super hero. If you want to hire a maniac – hire Garry Busey, hire Joaquim Phenix, hire Russel Crow, etc etc. If you want to hire a hero – find a fit dude, mid 30's, with some dad energy. Its not hard – you pay like 3 Mexicans under the table – pick one of them. You can call it a diversity hire. You know it would be funny if the flash was played by a simple yard worker. Grass cutter by day – hero by night. You can even make a scene with Pedro cutting grass by fluttering his hands back and forth lol. Maybe rip off Quick Silvers best scenes and do a slow-mo run to a 70's song – except instead of saving children – pedro is painting an entire house by hand, he's washing windows, he even stops for lunch, and for the last 7 hours and 58 minutes of his shift – he goes home to have a nice day off. Fucking gold. Stop hiring pedos and activists. You hacks.

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