DC Mayor Changes Her Tune About Immigration When Migrants Show Up at Her Door | @Pat Gray Unleashed

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is proclaiming that immigrants are getting ‘tricked’ into getting on buses to Washington, D.C. Mayor Bowser may be starting to feel the immigration pain Texas has been going through for a while now. WATCH more Pat Gray Unleashed:

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  1. 😂😂 Love it! Finally the pendulum of justice swings towards reason. Busing migrants to the rest of the states is absolutely right! What's the alternative? Texas becomes a new country on its own full of all the migrants from the border? Now she is enjoying a country without borders. Leftist socialism is great till its in your back yard and you are directly affected.

  2. This is a joke! They called the immigrants to come to our country and as long as the federal government sends the immigrants it’s ok, but the states and cities are sending them on to other places is tricking NO ONE. This whole fiasco is caused by the current administration they caused all of our troubles in this area!

  3. When it comes to lies the politicians' ingenuity really is amazing.
    By th way, politcians' constant prattling about asylum is with the object to do their own things.

  4. I love you Pat Gray 😇you have such a common sense about you that is nonsensical and about the facts. Something that and I dare say Democrats, the other side doesn't have a clue about. And that's because of the mainstream media has sold us out. I'm so glad that they haven't canceled you guys yet 🤨 not that I think you would even care about being canceled unless Glen had something to do with it 🤫🤣

  5. Oh cry me a river! I wish we could park them all on the White House lawn and your front yard. As an Arizonan, I can tell you we're sick of the whole mess being ignored by FJB and his administration.

  6. I am a migrant who came across the border. Just because I climbed over a barb wire fence at 2;00 am, then hid the trunk of a two seat sports car, does not mean I'm illegal. I was tricked into getting on a bus headed to Washington DC. They told me that Kamala Harris would have sex with me. I believed it, because we all know her history. Anyway, I want to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House. Is there a Taco Bell near the White House? Thank you gringo!

  7. yeah, what makes her so special? and when my friend posted it on facebook, they claimed it was fake news on every channel she posted it from
    oh and she refuses to say who is tricking them.

  8. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser should meet the illegal aliens with open arms – send a million illegals to DC, put 'em on the White House lawn. Illegals should also be shipped to Delaware, preferably Biden's property.

  9. Yes it’s a “very serious issue” when illegals are showing up in my town. But it’s not a big deal when hundreds of thousands more are overrunning Arizona & Texas. These people are “deplorable.”

  10. Or just telling them that the money is in DC and in New York again the bus right away to go where the money's at. DC's turn to afford the bill 💵 time to send more they're not going to like this.

  11. She acts like all these migrate people actually have somewhere to go. She says that DC's not final destination. Most of these people don't have family in the United States they're just hoping for hope. From N.M.

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