D&D Gets 1000% WOKE & RUINS The Game

Dungeons and Dragons has gone beyond woke and is systematically picking at what makes the game great.

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  1. I don't really care for DnD (World of Darkness fan) but I think it's still saddening how progressive culture has basically consumed "Geek" in it's entirety. If you bring this up, there are literally random progressives that non-ironically champion this shit. I would hate to be a GM in this day and age. I would just end up creating offensive stories solely to trigger the progs. I really don't even understand where all this shit came from. Tolkien and Lovecraft were not progressive people, if anything they would be problematic by today's standards. Could it of just been the progs viewed geek culture as the easiest one to conquer?

  2. The only way my world view has changed is that my common sense has become eldritch sense. Back in the times of yore we didn't create new problems to solve. Like ya know, Nazis. That's what these libtard justice losers make me think of. Whiney, inept little Nazi youths.

  3. I completely agree, but may I suggest a different rpg instead? Instead of going to another 'Woke' and eventually feeling betrayed we should instead support the non-woke companies. As a person who plays tabletop rpg's, one could consider 'Der Schwarze Auge'/The Dark Eye instead! Or Pathfinder 1 (but don't go pathfinder 2: woke alert)

  4. I mean…I always hated Negative Ability Score Mods. Especially since I like playing Kobolds and it means I got punished for choosing to be like a Kobold Barbarian or something like that, cause I always had to subtract 1 from my Strength Mod when I made my character. Yeah you could say its MinMaxing that I want Strength for my Barbarian, but if I'm playing a Barbarian, I want my character to seem strong as a part of their character. I can't realistically have a Jacked Barbarian character who has a Strength Mod of 7.

    Anyway, I personally don't like Negative Mods anyway, but the fact they're removing it cause "Orcs are Black People" is stupid. And it takes away from the game, sure I don't like Negative Mods, but it just means I have to work harder and smarter in game to make the character I want and get them where I hope to get them. Its more work, but it's fun. If we remove every negative we might as well say the base for every stat is 10, you can’t be any worse at anything than the average

  5. Even World of Warcraft started this "everyone needs to share" idea. Can't have Shaman only Bloodlust/heroism, no every 2nd class can have it and we will make items that anyone can use so no one is left out. Not diversity, just melting everything together.

  6. I think that it was almost a good thing what they were doing to be honest with you. in 3.5 Orcs got a +4 to STR and – 2 to INT. in 5th they got the basics +2 that every race got but were one of 2 races that also had a negative. Had the Bonuses remained a +4 I wouldn't think it an issue but since it clearly isn't then removing it for balance isn't a bad thing. I will however agree that their reasoning for doing so is moronic and stupid and deserves criticisms.

  7. “I don’t think that—nobody thinks that!”

    Clarification: nobody sane nor relatively normal thinks this. I don’t play D&D but I can understand why this is heavily upsetting.

  8. Honestly everyone here is overreacting. Is this change bad? Yes. are the reasons for the change stupid? Yes. But is the game ruined? No!
    The changes are minor and only effect a handful of races, and if you dislike them you can simply homebrew them out. saying "D&D Gets 1000% WOKE & RUINS The Game" is either overreacting of epic proportions or clickbait.
    Don't get me wrong, this stupidity should be opposed but we need a sense of perspective. If everything is a crisis, nothing is.