De Blasio ORDERS Jabs For ALL Employees In NYC | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar break down everything you need to know about the vaccine mandate being imposed in NYC by outgoing Mayor Bill De Blasio in response to Omicron

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  1. Why doesn't anybody ask if he has the authority? Can a LAME DUCK TOTALITARIAN mayor LEGISLATE? NO he can't, but he can DICTATE! What is the stand of the Mayor-elect????? WHO IS STANDING FOR NYC WORKERS, ALL OF THEM????? REMEMBER, REMEMBER on THE NEXT 4TH OF NOVEMBER!!!!!

  2. I’m assuming crystal is just as able as the rest of us to read studies showing the rate of myocarditis in vaccinated children compared to their likelihood to suffer severe outcomes from Covid? I’m glad to hear she has a more middle of the road stance about this particular vaccine mandate but saying that the benefits of vaccinating kids out weigh the risks puts the lives of children at risk. A lot of ppl take what you say as fact, you have a responsibility to do more accurate reporting than that.

  3. All the excessive attention, fear and focus on COVID.
    Meanwhile more than a million deaths a year from the close to 90% unhealthy Americans.
    The overweight/obese 70%.
    Our government allows food companies to sell addictive synthetic food poisons and the drug companies love the huge business they create.

  4. Interesting how when its 136 deaths of COVID Saagar can use the word ONLY. More than likely those people are unvaccinated or if they were vaccinated they must've been high risk. However, its crazy to me how people disregard COVID deaths as trivial but make a big deal over the 4 kids that died in a shooting. I think ALL deaths are tragic, but its just surprising to me how people can justify covid deaths. Gather up the families of those 136 people and ask their families if they would want their family member back in return for a vaccine mandate. People are sadly going to keep dying from COVID because not many people will do what DeBlasio is doing. He knows he's going to be out so he doesn't care about polling or blowback. When the rest of the country is going to have a higher death rate than NYC people are going to blame other places for not doing the same. The issue all along is that we've let people think they have a right to not get a vaccine and think they have a right to endanger others to go to school or anywhere. When I went to school we always had to show my vaccination record to attend. This shouldn't have went down any differently. People have already grown accustomed to the thought that they'll never have to get it, so now if you try to force them its worse than if everybody was just forced from the get go. I'm on the left and yeah maybe most of the people that are dying are on the right, but many of them could be misled. My parents are Republican and heavily believed that COVID was fake until my mom almost died of COVID. I can't even imagine my life without her.

  5. I'm in Melbourne, Australia, and the evil looks you get when they ask for a vaccination passport and you say you don't have one, it's like being Jewish in Nazi Germany. You may as well have the Star of David on your sleeve if you're not vaccinated

  6. There’s a Democratic rep in Illinois proposing that medical bills not be paid by insurance if the patient isn’t fully vaccinated. It was on STL local news this week. This is also ridiculous.

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