De Blasio Won’t Pay NYPD Officers UNLESS They Get The Shot

De Blasio has lost the plot, the freaking tyrant has gone nuts.

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  1. All you need to know about this moron is in his freakshow child and his personal servant wife. How did people in new york get taken for such fools? It's like everyone is asleep. When are you taking back your city and restoring the good that once was?

  2. Canada is doing the same shit. There was freedom at one point but they're really strangling that with covid. On one end I get it, especially if you are government employed but still just feels off to me. Also feel weird sbout full vaccine confirmation just to enter certain places and then they STILL want everyone masked up.

  3. If I was a cop I'd be stealing every piece of equipment I'd like to own right now. Department's shotgun? My shotgun. Rip the all the goodies out of the patrol car, sell them, report it as stolen. Be a really, really ineffective cop until the state sorts itself out. Not like they are going to fire you.

  4. 911 should place Mayor De-Blah-Blah-sio's private and public phone numbers on their suspected spam caller list or forward those calls directly to the Safety Division of the I Don't Give A Crap Response Unit…that unit would then redirect the Mayor's call to the Biden Stazi Defense Force and the Mayor will hear the following…'Press 1 if you're an idiot, Press 2 if you're a conservative. There are no other options.'…

  5. i have a feeling they'll be doing that for soldiers, teachers, students

    'you don't have and don't PLAN to get the vaccine? well i guess we have to call child services to take your kids because the state sees you as an unfit parent,"

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