De facto alliance, Russia and Turkey

De facto alliance, Russia and Turkey
The Duran: Episode 1408



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Amazing music contribution from Peter Brown.
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Written by The Duran


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  1. When are the US and Europe going to wake up and see that the world is much much more than just them? Their arrogance and ignorance is going to be their down fall. Brilliant discussion . Thank you !

  2. Western media report Russia is isolated yet Russia is making deals left right and centre SEEMS TO ME that the west is becoming increasingly isolated best wishes from Belfast Northern Ireland

  3. Be sure to thank Erdogan for the Bayraktar Tb2 drones. About 50 to date. Ukraine appreciates it. And Haluk Baykar, CEO of Bayraktar says he's proud his drones are flying in service of Ukraine. He also added that Russia will never get one. Just in case you're wondering. There's your "de facto alliance." Alex M. is as dense as ever.

  4. usa wants Erdogan out. Erdogard has playd both side a long time, but to be fair, for the benefit of Turkey. In the end he will go east. He has to …. And Erdogan has not forgotten that Usa tried to oust him long time ago.

  5. If it is indeed true then this alliance would be a game changer.
    With Russia in control of Odessa port, and Turkey in control of the Bosporus, that would be a terrible news for the United States.
    If Russia is able to wean Turkey away from the United States and towards itself, that would be a truly tectonic shift.

  6. Russia is so strong they will crush all enemies their soldiers are first rate they are the kings of warfare, oh wait, I am delusional. Russia is now using suicide drones because they can’t seem to crush the tiny Ukrainians. But according to people who support Russia we’re supposed to believe that they’re taking it easy and trying to minimize destruction and death. Paper tiger alert. A population that has no desire to fight in Ukraine.

  7. What these fools ruling the US fail to realize is: the big stick approach no longer works. The countries of the world are no longer afraid of this bullying elephant. Unfortunately, they keep on doubling down and all they are succeeding in doing is digging their graves deeper and deeper and making more and more enemies for themselves. How dumb are these US and western leaders!!

    Consider the scenario where a man has lost his girlfriend to another man; so he gets real angry and goes to beat up this other man: will that cause his former girlfriend to leave the other guy and return to him? And if he gets so stupid to become violent with the woman, all bets are off. This is the US of 2022.

  8. Imagine all the people, united, without any cold wars or CIA, expansionism and fake news no more. How good this world could be, for rich and for poor, if only America would cease it's greedy aspirations. There is more goodness coming out of the traditionally suspect countries than out of our so-called allies.

  9. Russia and Turkey, De facto alliance? the only alliance turkey recognises is Erdogan's wallet. Erdogan is full of shit and you both know it. Alex, Why the hell are you still holding on to Alexander Mercouris every word is beyond me. You are a far greater thinker than Mercouris.

  10. Honestly, everyone is going to die
    – We are actually the fascists. There is no other word for it, says a former Russian soldier who has fought in Ukraine. When I decided to go to Ukraine, I was a staunch patriot. I was convinced that there were Nazi groups there, like the Aidar Battalion and the Azov Battalion. In addition, I had seen a lot of Russian films about this. And the Telegram app and TV channels were tailor-made to fill our brains with such. Already when we were transported in trucks across the border, I realized that we were the occupiers, the fascists. I realized that we were actually destroying a country, and at the same time killing the civilian population. We travel like this to Izium in the Kharkiv region. I was at the front for three days and had another revelation when our own artillery fired at us. Then we started getting idiotic commands from our own superiors.
    I have served more than once. I know when I am sent to the slaughter. I immediately asked the guy with a higher military rank than me to go to hell: I am not a bargaining chip, but a soldier in the Russian army! You can't sacrifice me like that, I said. “You are all cannon fodder. You are the third group of people that make up this battalion. Do you know where the other two battalions died? You will die here".
    Then he turned to my superior and said: "Send in the meat."

  11. Turkey and Russia have a pseudo-friendship. One will betray the other (we all from the balkans know who) and then it will be game over. See: prophecies of saint Paisios, elder Elpidios and many others.

  12. It looks like my suggestion that Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and possibly Austria turn to the east, based on the flow of gas through Turkstream, might be taking shape. And there is the new branch of Druzhba connecting Serbia and Hungary. This is great for Russia, the potential Panturkish unrest in Central Asian states will be held down by Erdogan to build a relationship with Russia. Ironically, just as he has with the migrant gate into Europe, soon Erdogan will also control the gas tap as well. Caravan of Light, and no gas for you!. Methinks that the Sultan likes this very much. Allow me to quote Cookies Nuland: F!_!ck the EU!

  13. 5:39 Russian Turkish Card
    CLEARLY they're working on options to establish an "Alternate" BRICs Financial system. Yup! It will take a lot of time and effort to find ways to establish a new trading system, it's obvious after that longtime US$ prevalence.
    Crypto Fans! TAKE NOTE Why aren't they using crypto bytes? You sure your Ethereal Wealth is really that "safe"?

  14. Erdogan is about as reliable as the Saudis with his dreams of a new Caliphate so I suspect these are the hopeful fantasies of a naive left. Putin is above all a pragmatist and he knows, Turkey being a rebuffed EU aspirant, will be amenable to a bit of manipulation but no. I dont see Turkey playing much of a role in the emerging global free market UNTIL it reforms its Abrahamic laws to allow such a role. Turkey is selling drones to Ukraine one minute, doing deals with Russia the next, attacking Syria and so forth. If Putin is anything, he is not a flake.

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