Dear Fake Tolkien Fans: No One Cares

Dear Fake Tolkien Fans: No One Cares

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  1. He isn’t wrong about you don’t have to look like characters to like them like Star Wars for examples besides luke being my favorite (and the only one who looks like me and no that’s not why I like him) my other favorites would be mace windu because of how badass he is especially since he’s played by Samuel Jackson. My other favorite character is kit fisto who is an alien so doenst look like me. And I’m pretty sure lots of Star Wars fans have crushes on Twileks.

  2. But wasn't orcs corrupted elves that after many generations became so indocinated towards the dark lord they considered him their leader even when not there in person

  3. Hey lovecraft haters Tolkien was pretty damn racist and Rowling’s potter verse is the most ignorant and elitist perspective ever. The Dursley’s were basically harassed by the magical world to try and force them to send their adoptive child to a death trap and when they refused to let harry go they just sent their muscle hagrid to kidnap harry and bring him to this school against his guardians wishes. Sorry poor people harry is rich and has to come with us but he won’t just move to the magical world of just get a regular apartment and let you live in peace with out harry! Wouldn’t everyone be happier you little sociopath! acting like you have no free will while being the dangerous magical xman wanted by the magic hitler all of which they tried to keep harryvsafe from!!! nope harry is gonna keep that gold and keep playing the victim despite the fact he has god powers and a fortune that he never once used to do anything nice for his literal family but buy that whole treat cart and never worry about the middle class ever again

  4. You can call this "reading things into a movie, book or series that in reality aren't there but you really want to be there."

    You start out with a conclusion you want to "prove" and then adapt the facts to support that conclusion:
    – You want Tolkiens work to be racist so you declare that Orcs are synonyms for blacks (I use the derogative "blacks" deliberately because that's what these people do as well to get the most outrage for their BS).
    – Then you try to cram in as much stereotypical "black" traits (isn't that the essence of being racist to begin with?) into the behaviour of the Orcs by "translating" every trait of the Orcs (the translation being the way YOU want it to be).

    Ergo: here's the "proof" that Orcs are synonyms for blacks and Tolkien is racist.

    It uses a twisted logic that you can apply to almost anything to "prove" your point.

  5. The absolute greatest reward is when one of these parasites is local.
    Either a neighbor,,co worker and most liley a younge r(extended) family member..

  6. Well I liked things before they were cool and truthfully don't regret it at all and popular is overrated I tell people that all the time I got your back on that too many people are way too fake these days fandoms are becoming toxic because these people this is a book she should look up pride and prejudice the original and yes there is something u can read to learn bout the races of lord of rings there a backstory series it abit older but u can find it called the simrilen that first book

  7. I really liked your video and was wondering your thoughts on H.P. Lovecraft and the backlash over his work. I’m trying to understand the situation and you’re always very insightful when it comes to fantasy and sci-fi topics. Would love to hear your take on things.

  8. So, if Orcs are black people, then when Tolkine said that everyone in the Trenches of WW1 was an Orc at some point, that must be him saying the British, German and French soldiers all turned into black people while on the battlefield. So he hated blacks, but also was a trans racialist who believed that he and all his friends were black on and off during the Great War. Got it.

    Also he never applied to be transferred into an all black regiment during the war, so if orcs are black people, and he called himself an orc during the war, but did not request reassignment then that means he must have supported mixed race battalions, which would make him a radical progressive of his time period.


  9. Me meeting a girl
    Her: so what do you like? What's your favorite movie?
    Me: I like Star Wars
    Me: Putting on my helmet and leaving

  10. How will she feel when she discovers the Dark Elves in fantasy are quite often portrayed as antagonistic and evil? :/ Oh my what a feast she will have..

  11. Well said Sir.
    If she wants to do something useful, why doesn't SHE write a fantasy book instead of spouting this rubbish?
    Oh right, because she's a moron and cannot.

  12. Thank you. Lord of the Rings is one the legendary pieces of literature that's still enjoyed today. Everything is going down to hell because of identity politics and idiots. It's so refreshing to see someone competent standing up for it. I do creative writing as a small hobby and I don't buy into pc culture at all. I'm glad I found a channel who thinks the same.