Dear Silent Majority

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Written by Isaac Butterfield

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  1. You are a fucking hero man. I don't drop comments often but this is just an absolutely top drawer video. You are the only persin speaking against this politically correct agenda and its utter fucking bullshit whats going on.

  2. I have already stood up, I got a lot of controversy over me explaining shit in an instagram post, saying that we need to stop this bullshit, since the beginning of time we as idiot humans have killed each other and enslaved each other and it’s nothing new, the only race their is, is the human race, peace out.

  3. The real SILENT MAJORITY is those who remain silent…
    It is not the trumpers or the left wingers, its those folk who objectively look at each situation…
    We, the real silent majority are embarrassed at both parties, who have lost all ability to reason bipartisanly.
    Shame to all of you who stand with the divide of the world.
    The real silent majority has true reasons to wish your peril. You are embarrassing us all and holding us back.

  4. 8:22 this section honestly just made me like – have these people ever read a dictionary or/and interacted with other cultures?
    Is referring to master Yoda as such fucking racist?? Considering master just refers to someone who has a higher degree in any area of study (martial arts, career paths, whatever) if they are skilled enough for the title?? was it misused because it also means someone with a higher post than you, yes, but f off.

    Also do people realize Jesus was defiantly brown 'cause he was born in the middle east?? If he was white that would have been the fucking miracle and would be referenced everywhere 'cause he would have been the only white person in like at least 500 miles. The common depiction of him was made in the renascence by Leonardo da Vince based on his fucking male lover (which i honestly find hilarious because it means the homophobes are like worshiping a depiction of a gay dude)

    Ghandi wasn't racist but he was sexist.

    I also at this point just ignore Peeta in general because the amount of bullshit america pulls out of their arse is just unbelievable.

    And on another reason on why we're usually quiet, having common sense and trying to fight this people is an " how to get an headache 101" because they don't genuinely listen, start screaming their point or just start personally attacking you, and if you take a minute for a pause because you have to process the utter bullshit that just came out of their mouth they're like "see i'm right you can't even fight back" I was quiet for 5 seconds are fucking with me. And trying to do that online is even more fucking ridiculous, how do you misinterpret shit that was written and then deny when i say i said something entirely different when the proof was one post back?? Also cancel culture in general, fuck off, you may not have all the facts and humans evolve trough their lifetime, everyone said and believed stupid shit as teenagers the difference is that now their shit is documented online.

    Like how is a virus racist? Maybe it spreads faster in Brazilian vielas cause everyone it fucking piled on top of each other and its a lower income area where people can't afford shit. In America cause their healthcare is really fucked for a "first-world country".
    Fighting these people with facts is like trying to argue with a wall. Actually maybe a wall is better, at least it will listen.

    Math is just pure logic. Algebra makes me want to commit murder but its logic, it doesn't have a fucking opinion what even??
    Extremism in any direction is a fucking awful idea, as showed by evidence by the fucking second world war that isn't even a century ago – people who suffered trough it are still fucking alive – My country got rid of a dictatorship in 1974 my parents where kids when it ended at an age they remembered it.

  5. I knew it was bad but when he kept reading off examples I realized it’s way worse than I really thought it was. Also just feel the need to say that Jesus wasn’t black or white, he was Hebrew. But regardless his color should be the last thing you should be worrying about