Dear Trump: Pardon Julian Assange, Manning, Snowden, Kim Dotcom…


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  1. Wishing he would undo his executive order on using felony counts as to animal cruelty. Oltman shows evidence that the HSUS is in bed with antifa. They target their enemies, then destroy their livelihoods, mostly on fake charges and this executive order makes them even more powerful against all things animal. Such claims as a horse wearing his shoes all night is cruel will prevail.

  2. The fact that big Tech is working with the CCP and our own military Industrial Complex speaks volumes on why they all where charged it also explains why they haven't been pardoned .

  3. Snowden is obvious. His crime was to let the entire world know that the US is spying on every last one of them, including high ranking foreign officials.
    "It violates the rights of basically every US citizen"? More like it violates the rights of pretty much every person on earth and would probably be considered an act of war by just about every country. Nothing happened, because the US has a lot of weight to throw around, and because most nations spy to some extent and don't want that exposed. Anyone but the US would have been sanctioned to 3rd world status for this, if not worse. This should have irreparably damaged your foreign relations to the end of your existence.

  4. The plot to steal America…..laid out step-by-step.
    This is utterly ASTOUNDING. Here it is, step-by-step…..what's happened since 2016:
    Remember: Donald Trump gave up the billionaire lifestyle for America. Joe Biden gave up America for the billionaire lifestyle.

    1. In 2016 Donald Trump was elected president, to the horror of Democrats and the joy of most (but not all) Republicans.

    2.Trump was unique, in that he was not just another establishment hack
    like Bush, Clinton and Obama, Trump was a legitimate "Outsider" who
    threatened to upset the routine. The "routine" consisted, when you boil
    it all down, to the elite feasting on the American taxpayers. Every poor
    schmuck with a job was being ripped off right, left and center by
    corrupt (on both sides) politicians, and corporate donors. Your tax
    money made many, many people multi-millionaires…and these are people
    who couldn't make ten cents in a free and honest game.

    3. The criminal Deep State was terrified of Trump. An honest Justice Department
    would put many of them in prison, and they knew it..

    4.So a plot was formed to get rid of Trump. Enter……the Russian Hoax.
    The idea was, despite a TOTAL lack of even one small shred of credible
    evidence, that Trump had somehow been helped by the Russians.

    5.This hoax was made possible by the gutless and possibly compromised
    Jeff Sessions recusing himself the very day he was appointed Attorney
    General. This left the thoroughly corrupt Rod Rosenstein in charge of
    the Justice Department….and he followed his orders from the Deep State
    and appointed yet another corrupt hack, Robert Mueller, to investigate

    6.Three years later….there was nothing. Not a shred of evidence. But
    Mueller knew this on DAY ONE, and there is ample proof of this. The goal
    was to keep Trump so tied up and harassed that he wouldn't be able to
    effectively pursue the Deep State criminals.

    7. , Mueller investigated Trump, hoping to FIND a crime…..ANY crime. This is not
    how criminal law works, except in Communist China, and other cheap
    dictatorships. And the fake news media, which ceased hiring actual
    journalists many years ago, pushed this fake investigation 24 hours a
    day for 3 years….never ONCE mentioning that it violated every
    established tenet of criminal law. It was, in short, a farce.

    8. At the end of the fake Mueller investigation, Trump was riding high, and
    almost certainly on his way to a landslide reelection. The Democrats,
    and Deep State were terrified of this. They'd managed to keep Trump so
    tied up with the phony Russia investigation, that no criminal charges
    had been filed against the many members of the DOJ, FBI, Department of
    State and Obama administration itself, despite an almost uncountable
    number of felonies having been committed.

    But if Trump were to bereelected, and NOT tied down in endless fake investigations designed to
    prevent justice from ever being served, the criminal indictments would
    flow like cheap wine. And just as Jeffery Epstein was NEVER going to
    survive a week in jail with all that he knew about Bill Clinton's crimes
    with under-age girls (enough to put Clinton in jail for life), not to
    mention other Deep State hacks, there was no way the Deep State could or
    would allow Trump to be reelected. Something had to be done.

    9. And along came Covid.
    The Chinese HATE Trump.
    Trump had systematically undone the corrupt "trade" deals that Obama and
    Biden had signed with the Chinese. These deals effectively sold the
    American taxpayers down the river…in exchange for bribe money for the
    political hacks (like Biden) who helped put these deals in place. It
    would be like a curator at the Louvre in Paris sneaking the Mona Lisa
    out of the museum at night and selling it to an Arab prince for twenty
    million dollars, despite the fact that it might be worth five HUNDRED
    million on the open market. And the twenty million goes into the pocket
    of the curator, not the French taxpayers. In this example, the people
    of France have lost one of their national treasures, and have ZERO to
    show for it. I doubt that they'd be consoled to learn that one corrupt
    museum curator was now living happily in Switzerland with his
    £20,000,000 because of this illegal sale.

    But in effect, this is what Biden did. He sold out the American treasure, by getting deals
    through that KILLED the American taxpayers, in exchange for a pile of
    cash paid to him personally. It's really no more complicated than that.

    And Trump stopped it.

    10. Li Meng Yan is a Chinese scientist who worked in the lab in Wuhan,
    China from which the Covid virus first emerged. She said publicly that
    the virus was not only deliberately created by the Communist Chinese,
    but that it was deliberately RELEASED in the West. They knew that the
    virus would wreak havoc, and that this would make it more likely that
    Trump would be defeated. If the economy crashes, even though nobody
    could REMOTELY say that it was Trump's fault, the hope was that if
    everyone was suffering, at least a few would blame Trump…and that
    might be enough to swing the election to China's old and trusted crony,
    Joe Biden. They'd paid him millions in the past to sell out America, and
    had no reason to believe that he wouldn't come through again if he got
    into the White House.

    Why would she lie, she had everything to lose, and NOTHING to gain?

    11.They had a plan. Exaggerate the threat of Covid to the point that the
    economy crashed and misery became so widespread that enough people would
    wrongly blame Trump to switch the vote to China's old friend, Joe
    Biden. Apart from being pure evil, it was, strategically speaking, a
    good plan. Destroy the country, then Biden steps in to take over (and
    stop all investigations into the Deep State, and himself, it must be

    12. Amazingly, the plan started to fail, and it once
    again started to look as though Trump might actually win reelection,
    despite the Deep State's (and China's) best efforts. Something had to be

    13. A couple of months before the election, you might
    recall that the Democrats, through their lap dogs at CNN, MSNBC, ABC,
    etc started talking about the "Red Mirage". The point was, don't worry
    about the fact that Trump wins on election night. New and uncounted
    votes will appear after the election that will put Biden over the top.
    The Democrats then sent out MILLIONS of mail-in ballots completely
    unsolicited. The plan was to get all Democrat votes in early by mail,
    and then have a "second wave" of Covid appear that would terrify
    Republicans into staying home on election day.

    14. But this wasn't enough. Remember, getting Biden into the White House is life or
    death for some of the criminals in the Democratic leadership and the
    Deep State. They had to be sure. And to be sure…they have pulled out
    one of the oldest plays in the Democratic playbook….voter fraud.
    Notice some very strange things happened on election night.

    Notice that the states won by Biden were called very early, sometimes
    within just seconds of the polls closing. And yet other states, like
    Florida, weren't called for HOURS after it was apparent to everyone but
    Fox News that Trump had won the state. The point of this was to
    discourage West Coast Republicans, keeping them at home.

    15. And despite all of this, Trump started to pull ahead late in the evening on
    November 3rd, to the point that the casino odds became a very long -400
    on Trump (you'd have to be $4 just to win $1, if you wanted to bet on
    Trump). Then something amazing happened.

    As if by magic, vote counting was stopped in Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Why?
    It was the night of the Presidential election. For the first time in
    history the vote counters couldn't stay up a bit late to count votes?
    How odd.

    16. Then, mysteriously, about 5 in the morning, huge
    chunks of votes magically appeared, ALL for Biden. The odds of 100,000
    votes coming in all for one candidate are in the hundreds of Trillions
    to one. And yet it "happened". Unfortunately for the fraudsters, alert
    lawyers were on duty at some of the polling stations, and videos have
    now appeared online of mysterious vans pulling up outside CLOSED
    (supposedly) polling stations and unloading suitcases full of ballots.
    Sure, that's how ballots are transported, in suitcases and water
    coolers….everyone knows that.

    Vote counting is supposed to be out in the open where every citizen can see it. And yet right after
    these mysterious, odds-defying ballots appear, workers at the
    polling station in Detroit covered up the windows of the counting room
    with cardboard, preventing anyone from seeing inside. This is on
    video….just do a Youtube search.

    17. So having figured out exactly how far behind they were in the critical states of Michigan,
    Wisconsin, etc, as if by a miracle, while the country slept and the
    counting had mysteriously been stopped, JUST enough Biden votes
    magically appeared to give Biden the lead. Go figure.

    Do you really want to win so badly that you'll allow an atrocity like this? If so….God help you.

    If you let the criminals in the Deep State steal the election , and thus effectively
    steal the country, it's all over. Will ANY of us, Democrat OR Republican
    be better off if we allow this abomination to go through.

    And for the brain dead who say "no evidence:…how about 1.8 million mail-in
    ballots being sent out in Pennsylvania and 2.5 Million coming back? I
    guess that's not evidence. The extra 700,000 ballots just appeared from
    the sky.
    You have a very short window of opportunity to save your nation. Make your voice heard NOW. Do not let a
    handful of criminals steal our democracy.
    If you'd like regular updates on the attempted theft of the century, email me at I'll put you on my list.
    Please cut and paste this and send it to everyone you know. God Bless.

  5. Styx is so happy ,he is not gambling on politics and TRUMP …..he was saying 85% Trump wins !!!!
    Styx would lose his millions of Euros he has in Dutch banks ………