Death in Custody

Our story begins in 2004… when a man was found dead in his cell one hour after being arrested.


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Written by friendlyjordies


  1. Jordan could you set up an organisation that does a unbiased investigation of media’s on how they report on stories with accuracy and biased information

  2. Fuck you're an incredible soul … honestly hands down most impressive male I've ever come across so far in my 22 years of life. You're intelligence and on point witty humor both mesmerizes me and astounds me, increasing with every video…. Fuck I've just probably hit the psycho side of the crush rating ???? you only have yourself to blame Jordan

  3. Looking forward to your video on Victoria and their flawless handling of COVID-19. Only you can get to the actual truth of a matter, and are impartial when it comes to the government in charge.

  4. Sounds like the horror stories my mum told me about the rehabilitation schemes she worked on in Aussie before coming back to NZ. I couldn’t believe it.

  5. I thought by the Coroner’s Act and reading their motto “we learn from death”, how do they do this when they sweep the real cause of death under the carpet? Maybe their motto should be “we cover up the cause of death, if the Police or other government agencies cause the death. Given my wife’s death is about to be investigated by the Coroner in Western Australia and I was there when it happened, I can assure you that the TRG and Police directly caused my wife’s loss of life and they were aided by total incompetence by other government agencies on the day in question (19/01/2019). Given I was there and the Police, TRG and Coroner have not once taken or requested a statement from me regarding my version of the events of the day. The Coroner is also denying e a copy of the brief to the Coroner provided by the police that the decision regarding the cause of my wife’s death will be made on. I think that the Coroner’s investigation into my wife’s death and the cause of her death after being married and faithful to me for almost fifty years, will be just like the one in this “Youtube” video, A coverup to protect the Police and TRG from the coincidences of their totally unacceptable, unethical conduct during the events of the day and worse conduct after the events of the day

  6. I thought he was gonna explain the bs term death in custody that’s overused someone could be having a heart attack out of nowhere and it would be death in custody

  7. Well presented, your investigation to the matters pointed out are outstanding and evidence to the facts. Journalism at its fundamental best. Thank you.

  8. Keep up the good work bruz..
    NRAR is the water regulator in Australia, they are more corrupt than the MDBA and its only 1 chick at a call center who cant talk about water.

  9. Can you please comment/make a video on the most strict lockdown ever placed on Australians yet in the 9 towers in Melbourne, but not in Carlton, who have also had cases but not been locked down.

  10. Good job at co-opting the BLM zeitgeist into your own platform. I don't even disagree with anything you said but it's just disappointing that you didn't acknowledge indeginous deaths in custody until it was used as fodder for yet another Koala Killer video. And no I don't support Koala Killer

  11. This video makes me so grateful to be in Queensland where Anthony Riley, who has been CEO of Legal Aid for a few million years and has demonstrated his independence from the QLD and QPS, has been made the QLD Ombudsmen. I didn’t reach this realisation until watching this video.

  12. The lady that is my profile picture was my partner and loyal wife for almost fifty years.
    She is now not alive because of the Police in WA and the TRG.
    GOOGLE my full name and see the stories that the Police Media put out there after my wife died and they locked me up for almost three months to make sure no one argued with their version of the events of the day.
    The day was the 21/01/2019, the address (our family home for 28 years), 168 Douglas Road, Martin WA 6110.
    I can not believe the conduct of the Police after my wife's death that is still happening now to prevent me giving the real version of the events of the day.
    They are even trying to stop me from going to and giving evidence at the inquest into my wife's death which is set to be heard on the 10th of November 2020 to the 12th of November 2020.
    This story beats them all and the proof of unethical, corrupt police and other government agencies is indisputable.
    Love to tell this story.
    My late wife's name is Janice Ann Croft, born 08/12/1954.
    We met in 1972, married in 1974, never been apart until now.
    We have two children and three grandchildren

  13. Great journalism but drawing a link between a grandma's vagina and an indigenous man being killed in custody in this current climate? Autism check.

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