Deaths Represent 1.3% of Reported Side Effects: Peer-Reviewed CDC Study; CDC Changes Risk Formula

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  1. Notice how these federal agencies manipulate data in order to support "their" agenda. One of the easiest methods of statistical manipulation is by simple changes in definitions or by not even defining terms.

  2. Well, if these criminals don't fear corrupt earthly judges, they will certainly fear the Just Judge when it's time for them to face their particular judgement immediately after their departure from this world.

  3. VAERS only count for 1% of the all cases according to Harvard. On 2009 Phyzer was sued by 2.3 Billions dollar for fraudulent report, misleading information, for lying in the report, lying in the information submittal and for kickbacks. This company is not trusted.

  4. The deadly game of fighting for freedom and peace.

    Mental attack we can deal with internally, but physical attack must be dealt with externally.

    Not funny weak frightened nato allowing deaths on border. How about within borders?

    Fear is why dictators exist.  Is there a difference in good having to fight evil? Imo yes.

    The paradox is we can't fear death to gain in living. We have to think of someone other than ourself.

    We have to think of everyone as the ones we love and modulate between what is necessary and what we aspire towards.

    We must have the peace and joy for everyone in our soul and the paradox of doing  what necessary within the storm.

    You don't know exactly what you will do when someone attacks you.

    You may turn the cheek and die if that's what you want. How will that help those that live? The dictators still exisit. So you dole out to a god what you must do.

    If all are not on the same page of peace the wars will continue till we don't exist.

    Freedom of protest
    Freedon of speech
    Freedom of religion
    Freedom of body and movement.

    Human rights
    Human equality

    Freedom to vote out those that don't serve the people.

    Rid the world of dictators ASAP.

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