DEBATE: Can Dems BOUNCE BACK In Time For 2022 Or Are They TRYING To Lose?

Team Rising debates the impact of the Build Back Better bill’s apparent failure on Democrats performance in next year’s midterms.

President Joe Biden image courtesy of AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

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  1. I'm not understanding this enthusiasm to make Democrats fail. As Americans of any background living a middle class life, you should be questioning why Republicans are more geared towards empowering wallstreet (anyone from around the world in the private sector) over government, the only establishment representing domestic interests of the nation. Standing in the way of government funding is standing in the way of funding the nation and citizens within..
    Wake up folks!

  2. Democrats are so lost… The Democratic party is gone…. The blue dog Democrats are gone… The party of the working class is gone…. This is a marxist anti american party now… I was a Democrat my whole until now… I will never vote Democrat again.

  3. If the liberals are able to bounce back that tells me one thing it is time to split this country and start anew. There is nothing a liberal could say that would make me vote for one and if this country has somehow produced more liberals than common sense people it’s time to split and move on.

  4. I do agree that comunication is a big problem, more so for the democrats, but in politics in general, but in his fast paced world surprisingly slowing down or at least slowly explaining the pieces is a strategy that needs to be implemented. If nothing else even if the bill fails people will not forget and later you can try passing the pieces individually or use them for negotiating.
    The other thing I wish to agree upon is the fact that we seem to govern by coalition rather than by negotiation. Given Congress was made to represent the opinions of different people with diffrent views it dose seem like it is part of the issue.

  5. Who cares? How about a political party not in the business of asskissing Corporations, and actually representing the voters? Not gonna find that in the Republican or Democratic Parties…

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    Joe Biden Rockefeller już jesteś trupem.

  7. Republican senators have already publicly stated that they would be more than willing to pass some of the things included in the "BBB" bill. But they oppose, for example, the spending on the IRS or tax breaks for millionaires. It's not as if Republicans would reject everything that's in the bill.

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