Debate May Have WON Trump Reelection As Black Voters Give Trump HUGE Approval

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  1. id like to se you and charlamange should have a civil conversation on these issues. 2 good perspectives.. i use to could stand you tim, but your mannerisms are growing on me, and i thnk im closer to your ideology is closer to mine than i initially thought. ill throw you some support

  2. So he is voring for the womsn who was willing to execute an innocent person, bet he is a clinton voter too….bill executed mentally challenged people

  3. Charlemagne just got willfully used by the Democratic Party he fell right into the trap, the whole reason they put kamala on the ticket. Its so obvious & blatant knowing sheep gunna be sheep.

  4. Why is Kamala Harris' race matter, when we had a Black President for 8 years? President Trump has more ethics than most people in politics,Tim. You act like the the President is the criminal he's accused of being by the Left. Every time you say something positive about him you qualify it. Every single time. Do you really think the 'Professional Statesman' you prefer could've stood up to the Swamp and the sabotage President Trump has had to deal with? I guess whenever an Activist masquerading as a Journalist goes after him, he should just be polite as he bends over and takes it, in your opinion. My family loves it when he fights back, because he's fighting for us and the US Constitution, the Rule of Law and the future of our Republic. Maybe you could try to give President Trump credit without the inevitable qualification Tim, instead of the disrespect you always show the President. Just sayin'.

  5. Funny how I as a white male cannot seem to understand anyone elses life, yet everyone seems to have no issues with being an expert on mine. I must have had an easy life, all kind of special benefits and an easy route. And someone like Obama or Harris must have had a harder life than I ever could, and I am not allowed to speak against it or comment how they had it easier than I did. Tim, you still are buried in identity politics, and so deep you don't even notice it.

  6. The Abraham Lincoln comment Biden said was two statements in one that only he understood bc of his dentures….

    He basically made a joke intending to say sarcastically, “look at Abraham Lincoln over here.” And then he quickly called Trump a racist.

    Biden made fun of Trump for comparing himself to Lincoln bc Biden was calling Trump a racist. He wasn’t saying Lincoln was racist.

    One could only catch this if they know how to decode denture old man with dementia slur speech. I’m one of those people.

  7. Who’s going to pay for all the drug users rehab, healthcare, housing, and food?
    (You know the brits got the Chinese all hooked of drugs so they could open China for trade. 1700s)

  8. Republicans haven't talked with black voters because they want laws and principles that target all voters. Kinda like asking a white person to support Black Lives Matter (in concept, not the commie movement). Specifically mentioning Black is considered a form of pandering. Having said that, Marketing to Blacks is something that should have been done, since they consider themselves outside of the mainstream. Letting them know how laws apply to all people and make their lives better can only be a good thing. Trump has done both – he gave to the HBCs (pandering), and he proposed changes to schools and proposed enterprise zones for 'blighted' areas (pander to poor, market to minorities more likely to benefit).

  9. "Tired of old white men running the country" =~ "Tired of so many young black men being violent". Both statements are *racist*. It doesn't matter if a black man says it. Having said that, I think Tim did a great job explaining in a positive way how to change that line of thinking. But the negative needs to be pointed out also. It is racist. Insert all reasons that racism is bad here.

  10. my coworker speaks Spanish and Portuguese but born in US. He said he listens to the Hispanic radio station on the way into work and after the debate every call in was calling Trump "Papi Trump"

  11. Have you ever noticed how we don't talk about wars anymore in the last 4 years Donald Trump is made peace all over this world God loves you president Trump the American people love you Mr Trump and the people of the world love you president Trump thank you president Trump for keeping peace in the world

  12. Tim, you fixing to loose people with shit like this. Dude is racist against people like me. Don't start calling people racist good people dude, it's simple. I watch ALL your videos. Would you support someone that is openly racist against you?

  13. People are not going to jail for having a little weed on them offenders have usually pled down from trafficking charges as it would be more difficult to prove in court plea deals are offered not to mention the money made from the sale of these illegal substances fund a wide variety of other illegal activities like here in the u.k the import of heroine and hash coming across from Morocco directly fund terrorism its not just black and white if the law states its illegal to sell drugs DONT SELL DRUGS

  14. Charlemagne is falling for the same old crap. Both Biden and Harris lied right to his face. He knows they did. He knew it then and failed to properly challenge them on it. He is going to vote for them anyway hoping for….CHANGE!!! The same old thing the black voter has heard from Democrats for 50 years and gotten nowhere. And the one at the top of the ticket has been there making those promises that never get delivered for essentially…the…entire….50 years.

  15. Well real journalists ascribe the lower prison rate to marijuana being legalized. but Timmy’s version of journalism is “I found this article interesting because I agree with it”. Did this guy even attend journalism school?