DEBATE REACTION: Abraham Lincoln’s laptop from hell

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Written by M. Tracey


  1. Tonight’s debate…

    Trump’s insistence that a public health care option is pure evil socialism is as stupid as Biden’s insistence that waging peace with North Korea is somehow traitorous…or something.

  2. The thing about the Bidens getting money from the ex-mayor of Moscow's wife is one of the major things in the Hunter laptop story. Biden was raising shit like the Russia bounty fabrication, and Trump was trying to fight the Russia fabrications with being a hard ass against Russia rather than attacking those fabrications themselves.

    The theme of this election since the first debate is that the establishment Dem/MSM story line is winning, whether that's covid or the scandals or simply Trump's behavior. Trump's tactics in fighting all that has been ill-advised in my view. But this is the end-game in a deep event conducted by the ruling faction in the deep state, who want the New Hitler gone more than anything and have since Nov 2016.

  3. You make a good point about the hunter biden laptop if they aren't taking in multiple news sources they don't know what they were talking about because after the debate I turned it on cnn and they wouldn't say what it was either and bounced around like it was the whistle-blower not saying at all what they were referring to and it was the worst smear in election history and Twitter needs to be held accountable for what they have done to the post. As far as covid-19 he put it in the hands of governors to lockdown or not and I'm almost sure legally that's all he could have done but don't hold me to that

  4. It's not that hard to tell; The side that lost will start making excuses for their team and the other side will be spiking the ball. Right now Trump fans are spiking the ball and Biden fans are defensive and making excuses and grumbling that they still don't like the Orange bad guy. After the first debate it was the other way around. Trump fans were happy with Pence and Biden fans were making excuses.

    Once in a while both sides are happy with their team, that's when you call it a draw. That didn't happen this time. Biden fans are coming up with all kinds of crazy reasons to claim Biden won but it's all obvious stretching and stretching and in that pissy way they do when they are mad they have to be covering up instead of actually celebrating a win.

    Then you have the long term effects on the campaign, going against the oil industry was a bad move for Biden. And the same is true when it comes to fracking. Fracking is only cost effective when oil and gas prices are sky high, if they have to also capture exhausts that's very expensive, they might as well just shut down fracking completely. Trump managed to get Biden to say he's for fracking in a way that will tick off the far left, as will keeping private insurance. But at the same time anyone who works in the oil or gas industry he managed to tick them off too by saying they will be shut down over time.

  5. The totality of the foriegn policy debate in America is which candidate is tougher on our make believe enemies. What a wonderful country.

  6. The country isn't locked down but some states are pretty shut down. The PUBLIC sector is refusing to get back to work in most blue states. The public school teacher unions should be abolished.

  7. Biden's ability to blatantly lie and totally deny reality is extremely disturbing, I don't know if the term "sociopath" is strong enough to describe his deviant personality.

  8. I only have a 99% chance of surviving the virus without the vaccine, which I believe is better odds than surviving any prescription drug I've ever been given.

  9. Trumps “fans” feel he “won” because he, “ didn’t set himself on fire” he spent the whole evening or a large part of it on the defensive not a good look for an incumbent.
    Biden’s corruption parries were basically a jab at a man who is the ultimate, pot calling the kettle back as far as corruption is concerned . So, Biden didn’t looked like a muckraker as DJT always does.
    I am no fan of either men but JB held his own when accused of corruption. DJT really needed to destroy him and because he didn’t or couldn’t viably hide behind his typical wind storm of invective and confusion he thus looked at times panicked and helpless. All of this may have garnered JB some votes.

  10. I thought the moderator did terrifically, surprisingly. The mute button and Trump leaning into the ‘respect the clock’ rule made him look civil and more knowledgeable than Biden. Of course Biden just leaned into falsehoods and platitudes. I thought Trump evened his record with this one.

  11. Much of the laptop information is legitimate. I won’t say all, of course, but we know Biden is dirty from Peter Schweitzer. Now it’s just confirmed in hard evidence. Sorry establishment.

  12. So basically the media has assisted Biden in covering this up by failing to cover it. There’s no amount of contextualization Trump could have accomplished in a sound-bite style debate.