Deblasio and Cuomo spar over rich residents

Over 41% of the people who left make $150k & up. People who make under $50,000 made up only 8.4% of those leaving.

New York is losing more people than any other area of the country.


Written by Louis Rossmann


  1. California, Illinois and New York made it intolerable to live there, and they will reap what they sow when thousands of people move to better-run states like Florida, Texas, etc.

    I'm glad that these states will lose their tax revenue…you get what you fucking deserve.

  2. They're not fighting unless they are fighting over cheap, abandoned property, since both have interest in collecting NY property. They both intend to flip and sell it all. Mayor Debacle intends to create new "project" level low income housing. This duo is shameless.

  3. Raising taxes is a Conservative talking point. Notice how robust Conservative states economies are. Liberals will die drinking their own poison.

  4. I live in a crime free town, and everyone still universally lock their bikes. Granted you don't need to, and the bike locks are thin enough for bolt cutters, but I don't think I've ever been somewhere that bikes weren't locked. When I lived in las vegas I used like a 10 pound forged chain, it was always amusing to come back to my bike to see failed theft attempts. Happened almost every week ahah

  5. These things are cycles. As people leave property prices will drop. Of course it will never be the same. The same as what? NY has always been in flux! Always will be. Too crowded for me but someone said…I wouldn't bet against NY.

  6. Lol. Your right, everywhere else is better, cheaper, cleaner and nicer than New York City. I live about 15 minutes outside the Lincoln Tunnel my whole life, I am 54, I have been to New York City about 30 times, probably 25 of those were to buy marijuana because lets face it New York City also excelled in drug trafficking Louis forgot to mention that benefit. The other 5 times were for entertainment. The city is a cesspool. It's dirty, noisy, dangerous, expensive and unfriendly and now so far left that I wouldn't enter it for any reason. Compared to anywhere else even the gentrified areas look slummy on the outside. The people that moved are not coming back once they get a feel for how the rest of the country lives. All those good things that Louis listed are not exclusive to New York. They were just easy to get to and now they don't exist. All you got now is people trapped in little over priced apartments with nothing to do except to keep paying high rents and high taxes for the amenities that no longer exist and are not coming back.

  7. You should run for office. America needs clear thinking people with common sense like you have. If thats not an option then you should move to New Jersey, you only have to go about 15 minutes outside of the Lincoln Tunnel to increase your quality of living 100 fold. And you can open your business, your rent for a very nice store will be about $3000 a month (probably less) and I promise we also have millions of iphones and ipads and ipods and computers and you will thrive, your revenue may be lower but I bet your bottom line improves just based on the lower expenses and taxes. Hell you might go weeks or months without seeing a homeless person so you might miss that. You probably still have to lock up your bike to something solid as we also have crime just not as much but its a lot safer to ride it here. Honestly I don't know why your not moving already, you must be one of those loyal New Yorkers.

  8. And your cats can sit on a window sill and see squirrels and chipmunks and deer. They can step outside and eat grass and roll in it. Even a cats life is better in New Jersey.

  9. NYC lost 100,000 population before Coronavirus. It will be in decline for at least 20 years. Maybe in the 2040s it will recover, once people not born yet find it appealing. Like 25 yr olds today that were too young to remember the USSR and think Marxism sounds cool.

  10. If I were rich would I stay in NYC? Nope. I will not, I might come visit every once in a while, but I would never live here. I’d live in a stare with zero state income tax. If anyone wants to to shit about rich people leaving, how about you take on the tab and pay 50% of your income in taxes.