Debunking Leftist Memes About Cannon Hinnant, Fake News Memes Are TRASH

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  1. He was executed. I feel as a direct result of his neighbor being brainwashed by BLM propaganda. So I am holding BLM/ antifa accountable for this. And any other children that have lost their precious lives because of the hate, fear mongering, socialistic communism and anti civil rights bull shit they are trying to use to destroy my fellow Americans and country with. I damned sure don't have anything nice to say about them. I'm not Jesus.

  2. Kids die all of the time. Why would this be any different? People are literally bitching that why is there no protest for him… this meme is the answer for that stupid question. Is it tragic? Yes. But does it need a protest? No. I get it… you make your living making these videos but damn dude… you literally could be the maga hat wearing dude in tis image.

  3. I agree with much of what you say. But the Breonna case, we differ there. I think we are still lacking facts in this. I don't think she was innocent. No knock warrants save more lives than they take. They also announced themselves. Plain clothes could be an issue…but how plain were they?

  4. I agree with your assessment of the Brianna Taylor case. The boyfriend should be released and he should be able to have a lawsuit against the city for false imprisonment and proceed to put in a bill proposal.

  5. What is the diagnosis of a person who doesn’t care or makes “funny pictures” of a five year old child that had his brains blown out IN FRONT OF HIS SIBLINGS.

    What does a psychiatrist call that person?

  6. Yeah, no knock warrants are bad, unconstitutional even… especially if they don't have any way to ID themselves… perhaps the cops were just following orders, but the policy should at the very least be removed, and there should be some heads rolling. It's disturbing that the policy was even in existence. It's not constitutional.

  7. I like how the meme basically low key says there is no reason for them to protest for Floyd… which is 100% admitting they don't actually care about justice and they don't care about arresting people. They only care about the skin color

    See how they freak out about Breonna Taylor yet none of them even heard about Lemp which was similar but worse situations and they still wont even release any evidence but are accused of shooting him thru the wall while he slept. But yeah know Lemp was white so….

  8. I like how they make the guy in the meme look working class, like that's a bad thing. Champagne socialist bitches.

    "The Lord prefers common people, otherwise he wouldn't have made so many of them."

  9. I went off on someone who posted this and told them that there have been 74 days of rioting for floyd. By thise meme then, shouldn't the riots only have lasted 4 days?

    Why keep them going? Why not riot for this kid? I got in response that it wasn't racially motivated.

    To which I responded that using his own thought process, that this was. Since the boy being white is the killer's oppressor for existing. He went after a white boy and killed him.

  10. Damn you Tim!!!! Stop making so much sense!!!! Where's Adam?!?! I see him but he's like a ghost….. It wasn't a no knock was it?!?!?!? Y'all should come here…. It's better and safer, and the lefties are afraid of us, and we're still in the north east close enough to drive to Chicago in around 13 hours…. NYC in about 5, Philly 4, Pittsburgh 7…… Just sayin….. Safer with "us vs them"… Sorry, a quote from Jack Donovan….

  11. I believe the way it works is The ALT Right try to find solutions and The ALT Left just say they do but also create the problems just to have something to complain about. LOL Welcome to reality.

  12. That first comic represents a lot. Giving the left the figure of a little pesky dog that just won't shut up barking while not knowing anything about the world surrounding them.

  13. Nah Tim, no knock warrants have value in lower income areas or during certain suspected crimes, like kidnapping. But hell no, why no knock and plain clothes? That's some horse shit.

  14. There’s a reason for no-knock warrants. There are less death and harm in doing so. Officer Tatum explains it better. They didn’t have a no-knock warrants for no reason. They had intel that they were armed and dangerous. What Tim does not get is that armed criminals will not come out without violence.

  15. I heard the argument for a no-knock warrant is that knocking on the doors and waiting for the criminal to answer the door would give them time to remove any evidence beforehand (Like drugs or browsing history, etc), and Breonna did get involved in drug & homicide case, but I do agree the police needs to wear police uniform for a no-knock warrant.

  16. The problem with justice is there will always be someone who sees it as an unjust act, thus making it impossible too have a justice. That is like the fools who believe in war without civilian casualties, it is not possible since war in of its self requires all aspects of civilization too participate in some form or another. It is good too strive for perfection and true justice, however you must allow for human error as well as corruption.