DEBUNKING Myth That FBI Raid Will Disqualify Trump For POTUS | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar debunk the viral online myth that the FBI raiding Trump and any legal action that could come his way would prevent him from running for president again

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Bradley P. Moss:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. Oh, the DOJ has the goods in spades.

    Garland knows he's public enemy no #1 if the Dems lose the House/Senate so if you are going to shoot the king, you'd better not miss…

  2. Being incarcerated doesn’t rule you out for running for office. Here in California back in 2014, then termed out state senator Yeland Yee ran for Secretary of State. He was considered a very likely person to take that office. Then a couple of months before the primary election, his home in San Francisco got raided and he got arrested after an investigation showed that he had deep personal ties with a Chinese gang there. So when the primary election arrived he was sitting in jail. And he just missed being on the general election ballot, finishing 3rd in the race in CA’s top two primary system. Alex Padilla would go on to get elected Secretary of State that year, and that most likely helped Padilla’s career, because six years later Gavin Newsom appointed him as CA’s next US senator after Kamala Harris vacated the seat to become Vice President.

  3. Even if Trump is convicted of a felony and is sentenced to prison?
    Trump can file and run for President from prison while incarcerated.
    Then be sworn in while in prison, and immediately pardon himself and commute his sentence.
    Presidential powers of pardon are absolute, i.e. Presidents can pardon themselves, even theoretically while serving a prison sentence.

  4. James Traficant did run while in jail. he was expelled from congress in 2002 after his conviction, then he ran for that seat again in that year's election while in jail running as an independent candidate after tim ryan became the democratic nominee.

  5. The obvious difference between the Hilary situation and this one is that Trump actually was the President at that time, and the President has the discretionary power to declassify documents. Crooked had no such authority.

  6. All the reporting BP has done on the FBI wrongdoings over the last year and NOW when Trump is involved, Krystal wants to give them the benefit of the doubt. This is why I can’t take her seriously. When it’s the other side, her cognitive dissonance kicks in every time. Now all of a sudden the fbi is to be trusted, when just a month ago they were a disgusting institution that shouldn’t be trusted? Ok Krystal 🙄

  7. Help me out here…doesn’t the POTUS have the unique authority to Declassify anything. So couldn’t of Trump have “declassified” the the material before he took it out of the White House? Thus not classified. Thus no there, there.

  8. 3:40 President Trump could declassify anything simply by saying so. Hillary couldn't. She violated the law. He didn't – in fact, he almost couldn't. All presidents have millions of classified documents in their own libraries. Sorry Krystal, there's no parallel there.

  9. Sorry Krystal, how you handle classified informaiton is very important but you can't have your cake and eat it too. Democrats can let Hillary skate for what is very likely a much worse leak with a private server and then expect to prosecute President Trump. Not how it works. Although, if Trump did not handle classified information properly then being a Republican who should care a great deal about national security and leading by example, he should recuse himself from the 2024 presidential elections.

  10. Trump is not the establishment candidate. He will easily be barred on a technicality, while an establishment backed candidate like HRC will be defended until proven to not be resourceful or goes against the establishment narrative.

    This is about thwarting the people's power and influence. That's considered to be a bigger threat over the political aligning of the duopoly. That's why 3rd parties are unwelcome and social ideas/policies are seen as heresy/taboo.

    The American people's lives are being bled out by the oligarchy leeches. They're siphoning all our resources and livelihoods/lifelines using "the law" when available and criminality when desperate. Rarely is this entity disciplined for the people and only ever held accountable when forced by the people's will.

  11. yes, republicans didn’t like that Hillary deleted all those emails, which was illegal and should have resulted in penalties.
    On the other hand, the fbi is raiding Trump’s estate to MAYBE find something. ALSO, the judge who signed off on the raid was formerly a lawyer who worked with JEFFREY EPSTEIN and his employees.
    We’re about to learn a lot about a lot of people.

  12. In 1920, EUGENE DEBS ran for President on the Socialist Party ticket ….and he did so FROM HIS PRISON cell and won 3.4 percent of the popular vote!!!!! If they try to put Trump in prison, he will become even more popular.

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