Debunking the BBC debunk of ivermectin

Ivermectin: How false science created a Covid ‘miracle’ drug

BBC Reality Check

But the BBC can reveal there are serious errors in a number of key studies that the drug’s promoters rely on.

but thousands of supporters, many of them anti-vaccine activists, have continued to vigorously campaign for its use.

Members of social media groups swap tips on getting hold of the drug, even advocating the versions used for animals

Large pro-ivermectin Facebook groups have turned into forums for people to find advice on where to buy it, including preparations meant for animals.

The BBC can reveal that more than a third of 26 major trials of the drug for use on Covid have serious errors or signs of potential fraud.

The group of independent scientists examined virtually every randomised controlled trial (RCT) on ivermectin and Covid

Social media group

That’s how they all met on Twitter

They’ve been working together remotely on an informal and voluntary basis during the pandemic.

Reference please

The BBC can reveal that more than a third of 26 major trials of the drug for use on Covid have serious errors or signs of potential fraud.

None of the rest show convincing evidence of ivermectin’s effectiveness.

Dr Kyle Sheldrick, one of the group investigating the studies, said they had not found “a single clinical trial” claiming to show that ivermectin prevented Covid deaths that did not contain “either obvious signs of fabrication or errors so critical they invalidate the study”.

Out of a total of 26 studies examined, there was evidence in five that the data may have been faked

On top of these flawed trials, there were 14 authors of studies who failed to send data back.

The independent scientists have flagged this as a possible indicator of fraud.

The sample of research papers examined by the independent group also contains some high-quality studies from around the world.

A recent study in Lebanon was found to have blocks of details of 11 patients that had been copied and pasted repeatedly

they have submitted a retraction to the scientific journal which published it

Study from Iran

Another study from Iran seemed to show that ivermectin prevented people dying from Covid.

The records of how much iron was in patients’ blood contained numbers in a sequence that was unlikely to come up naturally.

Dr Morteza Niaee, who led the Iran study, defended the results and the methodology and disagreed with problems pointed out to him,

adding that it was “very normal to see such randomisation” when lots of different factors were considered

Ivermectin is generally considered a safe drug, though there have been some reports of side effects.

But indirect harm can come from giving people a false sense of security, especially if they choose ivermectin instead of seeking hospital treatment for Covid, or getting vaccinated in the first place.

Some groups regularly contain posts about conspiracy theories of ivermectin cover-ups, as well as pushing anti-vaccine sentiment or encouraging patients to leave hospital if they aren’t getting the drug.

South African nurse dies

Instead of consulting a doctor, she continued with the ivermectin and got home oxygen.

What study are the BBC talking about?

We recommend that meta-analysts who study interventions for COVID-19 should request and personally review IPD (independent patient data) in all cases,

In a similar vein, all clinical trials published on COVID-19 should immediately follow best-practice guidelines and upload anonymised IPD so that this type of analysis can occur.

Kitasato University, based on the judgment that it is necessary to examine the clinical effect of ivermectin to prevent the spread of uncertain COVID-19,

asked Merck & Co., Inc. to conduct clinical trials of ivermectin for COVID-19 in Japan.

This company has priority to submit an application for an expansion of ivermectin’s indications, since the original approval for the manufacture and sale of ivermectin was conferred to it.

However, the company said that it had no intention of conducting clinical trials.

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. Id say the Jury is out in Ivermectin. But there was and is a lot of sensational speak about it thats not warranted. It went into further clinical trials earlier this year based on some positive earlier work.

  2. If the BBC stated it would go dark tonight I would be seriously concerned all afternoon, if they told me my name is James I would dig out my Birth Certificate and check and worry if it confirmed it is.
    In reality the BBC is the mouth piece of whatever political Party is in power, why else would they be the only Business Legally allowed to demand Money with Menaces, and be able to turn all evidence based prosecutions upside down and the Accused must somehow prove their Innocence.

  3. Obviously, big pharma has bought and paid for the BBC. Don't forget that the Lancet published a paper trashing HCD that was fraudulent. How did, could, that have happened?

  4. just back from the vets with my dog who has to have a new treatment injection, which i have to do at home..and the vet nurse made sure the syringe was aspirated when the injection was given. I asked why and she gave the text book reply, and said all the nurses were trained this way, she said you can't risk getting some of these drugs into the blood stream they can cause serious problems..
    How mad that pets are treated better than the population is by the NHS.

  5. How come all the studies that show ivermectin works turns out to be fraudulent? Fake data (oh it was a student), or dead participants. And yet all the largest and most thoroughly scrutinized barely register any positives at all? I'm afraid you've let yourself down doc.

  6. 20:20 – something that I'm seeing is people funding a paper to push a product (many times in the current exploitative environment, they are pushing overpriced diabetes vitamins, as an example). So there are problems to be fixed.

  7. 20:20 – in this situation, it makes me wonder if these students are pushing for a platform move by exploiting the public stage to make a pitch for their new platform. Key an eye out for their solution to surface.

  8. The BBC has lost all credibility, they are total "WOKE" they do not know the scientific method, the medical establishment has brought this on themselves, most medical papers do not meet the requirements, not enough subjects coupled with poor statistical data. The BBC and Sky News will say anything, this is due to the people that back them, you will not get any truthful story as it will not contain enough "crisis".

  9. LOL…. :-0
    Doctor: Well I have a problem with my faucet in the kitchen..
    Plumber: Why are you asking me, I specialize in Journalism…
    Journalist: I'll come fix your faucet…

    Also, people overlook the fact that the majority of antibiotics are given to farm animals, like cows, horses, etc…
    Will you turn up your nose up, the next time a doctor prescribes them for your infection..?

  10. This disease is also endemic to Australia, where it goes by the equally disingenuous name 'fact checking,' and where there is no shortage of strenuously 'objective' debunkers of ivermectin.

  11. Fentanyl and IMODIUM® both bind and activate the opiate receptor. These drugs have very different effects. Thus, ivermectin having the same mechanism of action as drugs demonstrated to limit covid infection does not mean that ivermectin will limit covid infection.

  12. IMODIUM® and herion both bind and activate the opiate receptor, yet have different effects. Similarly, ivermectin and drugs that have been shown to limit covid infection, while sharing mechanisms of action may have different effect .

  13. Shocker – All living organisms have the same 4 bases (A, T, C, and G) in their DNA to create proteins – Humans have a lot of DNA that are identical to a horse of course!

  14. No biased news from the BBC , now then now then what have we here , the truth as they see it , they great at studies , must be pressure from the pharmacy companys , obvious the children who were touched by their famous representive can get discount for life for the drugs they now need

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