DEBUNKING the ‘Racist Road’ Lie!

This is forty-seven year old lie. Today, it ends.


Misleading Innocence (tracing what a bridge can do) – FULL MOVIE

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  1. To completely deny racism is foolish. Obviously racism has had a major role in American political and social life.

    But to view EVERYTHING as the result of racism is revisionist history. All of American society and history isn't about keeping the black man down lmao. People were as complex back then as they are today.

  2. And I’m willing to beat that Europe has underpasses just like we have in the states.

    And where I live at ( Hampton Roads Va) we have the colonial Parkway, which you guessed it no buses, Trucks or commercial vehicles are allowed on. Only passenger vehicles.

  3. This is what you get when unqualified people are appointed. He like Harris is a token on Bidens checklist for being more progressive than FDR. Too bad the public has to pay for sloppy Joe Biden idiotic mindset!

  4. This is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the Brandon Administration is populated with liars and imbeciles. People (democrat voters) who voted for Biden are the most gullible, stupid people on earth.

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