Decadent West On Brink Of Cannibalism

Mao’s great famine

For a more abstract form of cannibalism, you might enjoy watching our contemplations on American cultural influence in Britain — the Anglosphere eating each other.

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  1. Sure. No need to talk about the Ukrainian side mining their half Black Sea. No need to talk about Russians clearing first one, then recently another one pathway through Black Sea to open up 2 corridors for ships. Just point out to a silly Russian tabloid-style cable TV (we have plenty of those in Balkans, too. Over the top conspiracy theories, illuminati, aliens, masons, tea-leaves reading, future divining, all sort of nonsense… feature prominently on those, and everybody knows not to take them seriously) – take it seriously, call it Russian propaganda (via ties/friendship its owner has with Putin: lucky Putin, he has so many friends, and is making more each day) and make a story. Pathetic.

  2. Well, there WERE some people claiming the left are eating their own in certain circumstances over the last few months, but I think the Russians took that the wrong way…

  3. Think of western famine this way: Who's going to starve first? The majority of the natives, because they've lost the ability to realise that the weeds they kill every day are actually food. Immigrants come from lesser developed regions and will know more.
    Do you know you can eat a nettle? Can you even identify a Dandelion in winter?
    Learn and stay strong or eye up your neighbour, your choice..

  4. Sunflower oil gets rationed at the supermarket if the cost of diesel gets too high. If you have an old diesel you can just pour it in the tank, i used to mix it 50/50 when fuel got way to high.

  5. We never used chemical fertilizers in the past and farming still produced crops, There were such things as companion planting for pest control and control of pest species such as rats, rabbits and birds with rifles and shot guns. We had manure to spread on fields and also crop rotation so that crops got the nutrients they needed not to mention resting fields.

    We have lost a lot of skills in farming because we have forgotten the old ways and rely far too much on technology and greedy corporations are swallowing up the farming industry and bleeding the ground dry of its nutrients to the degree we have to use chemical fertilizers or the ground just doesn't produce as well as it could.

    We need a return to the old ways if we are to ever be self sufficient again and we need to take what is happening around the world as a wake up call to aim for self sufficiency in all aspects of life in our country, no more relying on nations and giving them the power to risk our way of life.

  6. If you watched infowars this past year you would know Alex has been bought and paid for by Russia. Ever since Ukraine he has showed he is the new RT. Sucks cause he was one of the few speaking the truth until he went broke

  7. I remember how before the war Carl laughed about it and said "why should I care about Ukraine? What do they export? Wheet?". Well, it turned out It acually is a problem.

  8. HI, the Russian commentator seems to have forgotten Lenningrad. Canabalism is reported to have been practise there in order to survive. Perhaps three produce a hand book or perhaps a cook book on survival?

  9. Russia will only give in to strength not you asking them nicely. Tell them if they don't open the ports we will take the ports from them and open them ourselves .

  10. Finally I get a laugh because our media stopped playing nice with Britain. Maybe you won't eat each other, but bread with sawdust and potatoes will become a thing soon for many countries, and this is not a laughing matter. There is not much the common people can do – your government is a vapid global spider that only lets you people vote for one of their pocket gays or another of their pocket gays.

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